Thursday, February 21, 2013

Picture a Day: Let's play catch up 29 Jan - 21 Feb

So, you will notice that I have missed a few days.  Well, what can I say... I failed.  Once I missed a day, I started to feel like I should just stop because it's not a picture A DAY anymore but then I figured the whole point was to get me blogging, using my camera more, and capturing snippets of my year so I can look back and remember.  Larry encouraged me a little to keep at it and I'm glad he did.  Although I don't have every day, I have the majority and hopefully my mind can fill in the days that I have missed! 

Jan29: How deep is His love :)
Jan30: Getting started on some 11:22PM
Feb1: Date night, I put to use a gift card that Meggo and Jess got me for Christmas... YUM!
Feb2: Rach came back to the Springs to celebrate B.A.M.
Feb3: Superbowl goodies!
Feb8: Date night - AI Sushi (where Larry and I had our first date)
Feb9: Love this view on my drive home
Feb10: Breakfast #operationgetitright
Feb11: It's starting to feel like I live in Colorado
Feb12: Larry playing his game :)
Feb14: He never ceases to amaze me!
Feb15: Center piece at Windy's wedding #cool
Feb16: Beautiful day for a drive
Feb17: Hot Springs with my love #coloradobucketlist
Feb21: The snow day didn't stop us from visiting our fave coffee spot

Monday, January 28, 2013

Picture a Day 2013: Jan 21-28

Whew!  For whatever reason, well I know the reason but I won't mention it on here, this past week has been exhausting.  SUPER EXHAUSTING. But I still got my pictures taken, and now I'm getting around to posting them (yeah yeah, I know it's Monday...I'm trying #givemeabreak).

Jan 21: The fortune says it all ;)
Jan 22: Let the homework begin...*sigh* 
Jan 23: Pretty flowers (roommate got them for her birthday)
Jan 24: Pinterest meal and wine with my love!
Jan 25: Roommie made "cookie in a mug" while we watched Grey's Anatomy
Jan 26: Korean BBQ in after spending time with some friends whose little girl turned 1! 
Jan 27: Rough day for somebody's (I won't name names) toe!  OUCH!
Jan 28: In effort to get back in shape, stepping on the scale (which isn't working yet) to keep track of the progress.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Picture a Day 2013: Jan 15-20

First of all, Happy birthday to my amazingly crafty, strong, and loving sister, Julie!!  I wish we lived closer so we could celebrate these special occasions in person.  But for now, a shout out on my blog will have to do! :)  I love you and hope this next year brings blessings, health, and provision! 

Onto my pictures... This week I started school, so I have my internship, class, and homework, which means little time for creative pictures.  I guess it still gives you an idea of what my week was like!  I only have about a month left of my internship and, of course, I started thinking that maybe I should take some photography classes to fill my "free" time.  (side note, when you are a Grad student, free time should not exists because it should be used doing homework)

Jan 15: First day of class, I come home to this... the snuggie monster!
Jan 16: My view on my way to the doctor one morning this week... I just never get sick of it!
Jan 17: Found the new sculpture in the Springs while walking with Carrie after a fun lunch date!
Jan 18: Not only has school started.... Operation: Get in Shape has too!
Jan 19: Chocolate cake at Tucanos to celebrate Heather's Bday a little bit early!
Jan 20: And why wouldn't she get pepper spray as a birthday gift!?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Justin Bieber #dontjudge

Some of you already know... Who am I kidding?  If you're reading this blog, then you know that my amazing boyfriend took me to see Justin Bieber in Denver our first week back from the Christmas and New Year holiday.  It. Was. Awesome.  I don't care what anybody thinks or says, we had a great time (and yes, WE is the correct word).  All I can say is, my man loves me!  There were two girls who came together sitting next to us who were probably in their mid twenties.  They kept staring at Larry with eyes that screamed, "You are the most thoughtful man in the world. I wish my husband was here with me, HAVING A GOOD TIME."  By the middle of the concert I heard telling Larry how she had bought her tickets and her husband told her that she better find somebody to go with her.  I looked at Larry and smiled.  He really is so so good to me.  Not only did he surprise me with the tickets, but he missed the BCS Championship game to go with me (granted, it was a horrible game), AND he didn't complain once (he may have shed a tear when he realized the two events were conflicting, but that's what DVR is for, right?!).  All that to say, he makes my heart full and I am so thankful that God saw fit to place this amazing man in my life!

Now, onto the concert....  The Biebs is a performer, that's all I can say.  His show was over the top and I was entertained the entire night.  I never went to a Michael Jackson concert but I feel like it was probably similar as far as lights, fireworks, dancers, girls screaming (the ENTIRE show) and extreme talent (again, don't judge me.... not until you've seen him in concert).  He did not disappoint. This concert will be a night I will always remember for so many different reasons.... the main one being it was a celebration of our year anniversary and a true display of selfless love by the man I love!!

LOL... See how excited he was!?! 
None of these pics do the actual moment justice
My love and me waiting for the Biebs to come out!
This contraption took him all around the arena while he played one of my favorite songs!
We had amazing seats!!  He was right in front of us!
He must've changed outfits 10 times
One of my favorite pics of the night
He did it all!
Believe ;) 
This video is kind of long (the first minute or so is just little girls screaming), but I wanted you to see how much of a production this was, especially his opening!  CRAZY!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Picture a Day 2013: Jan 10-14

Well, I've made it through the first two weeks of the year!  Go me!  I'm hoping to continue the trend as I'm realizing it really is a good way of tracking my year.  Looking forward to what the rest of the year will bring.  

Jan 10: Larry was recognized by his command for the work he's done within the battalion 
Jan 11: A night in with some good wine, a movie and my favorite bear ;)  (Bear is not pictured)
Jan 12: If you're gonna miss the second overtime of the Broncos playoff game, it better be doing something like this!
Jan 13: One of those things you just have to do, even if it wasn't better than Act of Valor
Jan 14: Thank you notes from the Watkins clan are the best! :)  (Jules is teaching them young!)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Something New _Picture a Day 2013

Well, here is my attempt at starting over with my blog.  While I really, REALLY wanted to be a more consistent blogger in 2012, it just didn't happen.  If anything, I'd say I became LESS consistent, so this year I've decided that I need a theme to help keep me posting.  Obviously updating a picture a day is a bit over zealous but I have decided to take a picture a day and then upload them weekly or bi-weekly to be sort of a photographic journal of 2013 for me!  We'll see how it goes.  Here's to 2013 and what it brings!!

Jan1 - Happy New Year!!  Spent a wonderful evening in Atlanta with Larry, cooking one of our favorite meals, talking for hours and celebrating the past and the future together!
Jan2 - Back in Colorado.  Meggo and Jess introduced us to an amazing Korean restaurant in Aurora, CO
Jan3 - Sister bonding in the Springs
Jan4 - Of course, we had to make it to the Garden of the Gods
Jan5 - The Rabbit Hole is a must when visiting Colorado Springs
Jan6 - Skins are in the Playoffs!  But not for long... Sad day. 
Jan7 - Justin Bieber concert.  Need I say more!?! 
Jan8 - My block arrived today!
Jan9 - Apparently my step count is lacking on internship days (that's 2,385 out of goal of 10,000)