Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bring Your Own Towel

There's nothing like a great work out to start your day (or at least I'm trying to convince myself of that). Nothing says WAKE UP like a good 30 mins of cardio, some lunges, push ups and abs and a hot, no cold, no hot, no cold, low water pressure shower! I must say I felt good about myself this morning as I finished my workout up and hit the locker room. I normally work out after work but Shayla and I decided we were going to motivate last night and work out in the morning today. Normally I work out and go home. Shower at home so I don't have to hassle with all my toiletries. I guess I could use the soap-shampoo-conditioner all in one that they provide, but I like my hair and my skin so like I said, I don't bring my stuff and just shower at home. But today I brought all my stuff so I could shower and get ready for work. Of course I didn't bring a towel because I figured I'll just use some of the ones they provide. (Don't I pay a monthly fee that includes towel service?) LESSON. LEARNED.

My suggestions to you, if you are going to post work out shower at the gym:

1. If you don't like using an object deemed a towel but feels like sand paper and exfoliates to the point of minor abraisions --> BRING YOUR OWN TOWEL.

2. If you are neither a child nor under 5 ft tall and 75 pounds, towels MOST fitness centers provide are not big enough to cover all your goodies. Either use multiple towels or --> BRING YOUR OWN TOWEL. please. (that could be a whole separate post)

3. If you want to be sure you have a clean towel, you know, one that has been washed, sanitized and is in fact clean, i.e. no make up smears, no random person's hair clinging to a piece of thread (excuse me, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit), or anything of the sort --> BRING YOUR OWN TOWEL.

I learned a valuable lesson today. If and when I work out in the morning again, I will bring my own Gain-sented, fabric softened, LARGE towel. And I would suggest to you, unless any of the things that are numbered above sound appealing to you, that you too should BRING YOUR OWN TOWEL!