Thursday, July 28, 2011

On Second Thought...Day 18

It never fails. I make a plan. The plan changes. It's one of those things in my life... I KNOW it's going to happen so I often wonder why I ever bother with the initial plan in the first place. It almost never goes down the way it's planned, and I'm okay with that because usually the second, no third plan is more efficient and/or more successful than the first because I've had time to logically think about it. I think my issue is that I'm so dag'gon impatient. If something needs to be planned, I like to get it done and out of the way so I don't have to think about it anymore. Problem is, I DO still think about it and I think of better ways to get it done (which isn't really a problem, I guess). It's almost like the first plan is just a rough draft for me or something. Man, wouldn't it be nice to have a rough draft for different scenarios in life??? I certainly wouldn't have wasted my time, energy and emotions on a couple ex-boyfriends. What about that time I grabbed a pair sweats out of the dryer and headed to my league basketball game and after the game while talking to the guys, put them on only to have a pair of leopard skin under ware fly out the bottom of the leg right smack dab in the middle of our huddle.* "...just a little edit right there and a delete over here....PERFECT!"

The point of all this?? I re-mapped Dad and my trip out to Colorado today... I was notified that the movers on the west end of things couldn't start the job any later than 3pm on the 17th. Which would've meant Dad and I were up at 0330 (that's am for you non-military types) to get there by 3pm! Sooooo.... an edit was necessary to my original plan. Go figure. Ah well, we will still get to spend time with my friend Marcus in Kansas and we will get there with time to spare (Lord willing) on the 17th, so all is good in my little planners world!

*that may or may not have happened to me :D

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Foreign to Native: Day 17

Day 17:

You know that lost feeling you get after purchasing a new phone? Trying to navigate through the functions and figure your way out through the apps... it can seem so foreign at first. I got a new-to-me phone today and have fumbled my way through it as time has permitted. I can do things like, make a phone call, answer a phone call, receive/send a text, open my calendar, get on facebook.... I have figured out how to do most everything I want to do on it.... but it just takes me, what feels like, eons longer to do them than with my old phone. It's not because one phone is better than the other (except for the fact that my old one had a mind of its own), it's just that it's different. As I maneuvered my way through to figure out how to do the simplest of things, I started to think about Colorado and what being, no living, in a new city will feel like. I mean really, the last time I moved to a NEW city was in 2002 and it was at least in the same area of familiarity to me so I kind of knew what to expect...

My guess is that moving to Colorado is going to be kind of like getting my new-to-me phone that I am holding right now. It will be different, exciting, fun, but frustrating at times because I won't know how to do even the simplest of things without asking someone or googling "how-to" and getting the information off the web. Which is fine. But slightly annoying too. I will be out of my comfort zone and have to re-learn things, depend on others for help (I hate that) and ask lots of questions in order to become familiar with my new setting. But in the end, just like getting a new phone, I'm sure I will discover new things, use it to its full capacity, and come to absolutely love it as I see what it has to offer! And soon I will wonder how I ever lived without it!!

I Get by with a Little Help From my Friends ;)

I've been having issues with my phone lately. grrrr. It's so frustrating. I thought about going to upgrade because I am eligible to do so. With the move and all, I'm trying to pinch pennies where ever I can, so getting the iphone just because a couple of apps weren't working seemed frivolous when I could just wait until the NEW comes out in September. That would be the responsible thing to do. Because really it's not a matter of IF I'm going to get it, it's just when. right?!

Well, I went into the Verizon store to get some technical help for my phone and they told me "yeah, sorry, there's nothing we can do because you're having issues with a third party...." blah blah blah... And it happened, visions of me looking oh-so-chic with my new WHITE iphone up to my face, chatting away with one of my trendy friends who, of course, was holding an iphone on the other end too. I would get a hip little carrying case for it and people would think (because of my phone) "that girl is with it" as I walked by with my nose up. And all would be swell.

Okay, Okay, I will stop drinking the haterade. Not all people with iphones are snobs... I just want one. But don't necessarily NEED one because the Android phones are really great too... But this is why I don't have an iphone, and really did happened after the "helpful" tech support I received was this. The conversation in my head went something like this:

Me (the Consumer KT)- Sweet! Iphone here I come!!!
Me (the Sensible KT)- Why don't you just wait until you get out to Colorado and see what kind of bills you have then?
CKT- Shut up. I'm not listening to you.
SKT- Seriously, let's think this through. Your phone works, it's just a couple apps (mainly facebook, you nerd) that is acting screwy. You don't NEED this right now and you may need to buy things like... oh I don't know, books, when you get out to Colorado!! And you never know how long it will take for your GI Bill money to kick in... just wait.
CKT- You are SUCH a downer. Can't you just enjoy the fact that I want to buy this for US?!
SKT- What if the NEW version comes out early in August?
CKT- I hate you. Fine. I'll wait.

.... And with that, I turned around and walked out of the store after thanking the "help" (for what I'm not sure). But the best thing about this story is my friend saw that I was having issues with my phone (on facebook, duh) and offered to send me her Samsung Fascinate until I could get a new phone! I mean, seriously!! Thank YOU, Sensible KT. Thank you for finally having some restraint... little as it was (discipline can have its reward). And thanks to Summer for your generosity (especially being that you've seen how often I have dropped my phone)!! I'll be careful with your phone, I promise!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just Another Day in Paradise... Day 16

Day 16:

....and I'm inside (but not for long)!

Nothing too deep today... just been planning the move, getting Dad's airline ticket for after he drops me off, and looking at airfares for the different places I'd like to visit while I'm out on the west side of the country... one of those days that I don't want to be inside planning or doing anything else for that matter. It's finally not 100+ degrees and humid. It's beautiful outside and I feel like I should be enjoying it! I've hit the last 2/3's of my 40 day count down! Get ready, Colorado... here I come!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Stupid technology: Day 15

Day 15:

I absolutely love my smartphone... On most days. It is so great for people like me who can forget something as simple as "pick up some milk on the way home." I have, on average, 4 reminders a day for various things like that. But it's soooo helpful and soooo easy. I love it.

But then there are days like today.... Remember day 3 when I was all excited because I got a lot of the logistics done for my trip?? I had put ALL of the information into the "Notepad" application on my phone. Everything from my confirmation numbers for my uhaul to the phone numbers, times and names of the movers that I hired to help get me out to Colorado without racking up all my friends' chiropractor bills. Well, the other day I had to hard reset my so-called wonderful smartphone because it was having issues opening apps and just not running normally. No big deal, it save all the important stuff... or so I thought. Today I got a phone call from one of the movers and we discussed some logistics and when I opened Notepad to add the info to my "Colorado Move Info" note... you guessed it. IT WAS GONE. fml.

After a slight panic attack, I remembered that each company had sent me emails confirming the service they were providing and I immediately jumped on the computer to see if they were still in my mailbox. THANK God, they were. So all is well on the move side of things... I won't have random men showing up at my door (that I forgot about) because I didn't have a reminder set. I wonder if I need to go back to the hand held calendar just in case something like this happens again? I'm not sure I would even know how to use it! ;) I'll just back it up on my mac to make sure I have it in more than one place. Hopefully Colorado has Internet and cell phones, or I'll be in a world of hurt! :D

How I Got So "Brave".... continued: Day 14

Day 14:

Before I finish my story maybe actually defining the word brave will be beneficial for us (myself and you, the reader) to be on the same page. Brave: 1. having or showing courage: having or showing courage, especially when facing danger, difficulty, or pain. Now, after seeing it in black and white, I REALLY am not sure, actually I am quite certain, that this word should not be tagged as an adjective to describe me or my decision to move to Colorado. Let me explain....

When I think of bravery, I think of the Soldiers that volunteer to risk their lives so we can live free and safe in this country. I think of the kid that gets straight A's at school and then comes home to take care of his drunk father and protect his mom from the man who claims to love her. My decision, was not so severe. This was not your courageous, against all odds, Daniel in the Lions' den, you-may-loose-your-life-but-you-forge-ahead-for-the-cause-anyway decision. It just wasn't. My life is in no way going to be in anymore danger moving to Colorado, than if I stayed my butt here, working for the same company, in the same job, doing the same thing year after year....or would it?

Before I left on my deployment I had heard the rumors of our organizations move to Texas but truly didn't think that they would ever come to fruition. The government had postponed and delayed the move so many times that people said it would never happen. After my tour in Iraq, I knew change was coming. I just wasn't sure what that meant for me. The move was no longer a question mark, but an actuality. Which meant I had to make a decision. Moving with my job would mean a pay raise due to the cheaper cost of living, a new place (for my itchy feet), no more 45 inch winter snow storms! But for some reason, the thought of moving to San Antonio gave me so much angst and unrest that I started to explore other options. Maybe I just needed a change from the actual work I was doing, or something more challenging?

While on my quest to "stay in Virginia," going back to school had pricked my heart again (as it did 5 years ago) only be bandaged up and quickly pushed to the back of my options for multiple reasons, but mainly because the thought of going to school, working AND going into debt paying for school was overwhelming. I told a friend of mine about the crazy thought of going back to school for counseling and fully expected him to agree with me in saying that it was too expensive and remind me that paying off school debts is a nightmare. He didn't. Instead he said "what student loans would you have to take? You can use the Post 9-11 GI Bill. You'll get PAID to go to school! You should do it!!" ....Wait. What? "I'm eligible for that???" Turns out, I was. I wonder if God ever gets tired of having to use a 2x4 upside my head to get my attention. Thank God this 2x4 turned out to be paid education and no debt. I'll take it. (thank you, Lord, for your gracious ways when trying to get my attention)

And so the school search began...

I started out with a list of about 15 that was quickly narrowed down to five. I researched the shools, talked to people in the counseling field, and decided I would go visit the different schools. As it was, I had already planned a trip out to Colorado (before I even knew that going back to school was an option), and there were two schools out there that were on my list! I visited both schools while I was out visiting my friends in Colorado and just like I knew a change was coming before any of this began, I knew Colorado was where I was going to go to school. Both schools in Colorado have great programs but Colorado Christian University seemed to be a better fit for me. It was one of those moments that I just knew this was where I belonged, so much so that I applied when I returned from my trip and found out that I was accepted in the Spring. God was opening doors left and right as I continued walk forward in prayer with each step of the process. I most definitely didn't want to be in Colorado if that wasn't where I needed to be. I mean, there are BEARS in Colorado. And snow. Lots of it.

After my acceptance, it was just a matter of figuring all the logistics of moving, quitting my job, and everything else that comes with a life change like this one. Although, the logistics can be the most complicated part of it all. At least the most frustrating and tedious. But God has continued to open doors and make a way to get me out to Colorado, confirming the decision and conquering any doubts the so easily cloud my mind. I won't say that I'm not scared at times. I am. What if I fail? What if it's harder than I remember to be a student? What if I can't get a job after completing this program? What if, what if, what if... I could play that game forever. Some of the questions I can come up with are so ridiculous it's embarrassing. Yes, they are real fears that cause legitimate doubt at times, but I can't let my fear OR doubt control me. I am a child of God and I believe that He is ALWAYS working out His plan for the good of those that love Him. He is GOOD, whether one of my worst fears come true or not. Sometimes I think I worry too much about the outcome rather than the actual journey on which God has me.

I am a firm believer that 1. we have all been called to a journey here on earth, 2. God is ceaselessly working His plan out through all of us and our journies, and 3. God is less concerned with the actual location of our physical bodies than He is, the posture of our hearts. So when people say I'm brave for making such a big move, I think I understand the sentiment. There undoubtedly will be pain and difficulty, possibly danger (uhh, maybe). But I know God is with me and watching over me, so it doesn't seem all that brave. It seems more terrifying to have decided to move to Texas (keep my job) or stay in Virginia, ignoring God's nudges, just because it seemed less daungting than navigating the unknowns of a new chapter in my life. I am confident I'm in the right place and have made the right decision, which makes it hard for me to feel like I'm being brave or courageous about anything. So I guess that's how I got so brave... It's not really me not being scared or at times worried, but more so me knowing that the God I serve is with me!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Due Dates and Summer Saturdays

Day 13:

Since I'll be headed back to school in August, I figure I should get use to due dates and dead lines again. Although, in saying that, today has been a quite wonderfully summer-ish day and blogging is the last thing I want to do. I hung out with my two friends, A and C, in Glover Park (washington, dc) last night, and of course had a sluggish start to our morning. Then got motivated and made a simple brunch that gave us some energy to get up and out. Being that it was already 99 degrees at 11am, we decided that we needed to "pool-hop," also known as finding a pool with the best view of DC... Once we found this said pool, we lazied around the pool, talked while we sat in the luke warm pool, and then got some lunch. We then decided the best way to round out this hot summer's day was with some cupcakes from Crumbs. And it was a good decision.

Now I'm about to head off to the pool, again, with the Campbell clan to watch Matthew "Slam DUNK" in the pool basketball hoop, while eating take out from Outback. I knew I wouldn't have time to think of and write about everything that lead me to the decision of going back to school for Day 13 post, so today's post is in honor of due dates procrastination, and summer saturdays. And now that I completed day 13, it's time for me to head to the pool with the fam! I love summer Saturdays!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

You Can Call It Brave If You Want To - Day 12

Day 12: A confession of sorts.

Since my decision to move out to Colorado was made, I've had more than a few people tell me how brave I am. How they could never do it... "quitting my job, moving so far away, and to a new place as well! It just adds to the courageousness of it all. Just plain scary." And I guess they're right. It CAN be scary to move. Change can be down right intimidating and terrifying, while being very necessary and good all at once. But what I think people are missing when they dote on me and proclaim me as this brave sojourner going West, is they didn't get to experience everything leading up to that point. The REASONS I'm uprooting myself and chasing after this crazy dream.

Truth is, here comes the confession, I'm just not that brave. Unfortunately, I am not 90% adventurer and 10% realist.... I'm quite the contrary actually. I like to think things through and logically plan most of my decisions. I take precautions and am proactive with things that involve a change in my livelyhood and well being. This decision was not a flipant flip of the wrist, like I was throwing a penny somewhere into a large wishing well. Oh, if it were only that simple.

It all started when I came back from Iraq... I've mentioned it before, but that's when my itchy feet syndrome started. And no, I don't mean athlete's foot. I heard a friend use that phrase before, and until I got back from Iraq I didn't fully comprehend it's meaning. But really it's just a witty way of saying, I was ready for some kind of move or change. I couldn't bare the thought of standing still and being in the same place doing the same thing for the next 15 years of my life, although I really did enjoy my job for the most part. Hence the "itchy feet." I didn't think (or want) that change to end me up in Colorado, but here is how the story of my so-called bravery goes....

..... to be continued (Day 13) :D

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Friends and Family Stick.... Kinda Like Glue: Days 10 & 11

The past couple days (we're going to call them Days 10 and 11) I have been busy getting things in order here in VA. Trying to decide about insurances, whether or not to go on leave without pay or just quit the government all together, the possible sale of my house. You know, fun stuff, like what utensil I should use to gauge out my eye. All this crap here makes me just want to be THERE already!

But then, there are the moments that transpire, moments that overflow my heart with joy because I know God is working. But more so, I know He is good and He is loving. In the past two days, I have been overwhelmed by how God can orchestrate and how He loves to comfort me. Whether it's through a long overdue lunch to catch up with a friend(s), or past acquaintances turned friends through empathy and a common bond. Or sometimes, the most exuberant and heart warming one of all, a big smiley face 21 month old boy running toward me as I walk in the door followed by a hug with a few pats... These moments may be something I will physically leave behind when I move to Colorado *tear*, but I will carry them with me for a long time. Moments that transcend any amount of distance, every time zone, or any type of change. Moments that brought me love, comfort, and clarity at just the right time. In His perfect timing.... They are snap shots of how God loves me (us) that need to be stored in my memory bank because I am so quick to forget how GOOD He is when things get tough. I have some amazing family and friends that God has blessed me with, and I will miss them dearly when I leave, but I think Mr. Buechner got it right in saying,

'You can kiss your family and friends good-bye and put miles between you, but at the same time you carry them with you in your heart, your mind, your stomach, because you do not just live IN a world but a world lives IN you.' -- Frederick Buechner

*I'm not exactly sure who Frederick Buechner is, but he must've had friends like mine!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Excitement With a Dash of Fear (at times): Days 6-9

You may not see it, but this '40 Days to Colorado' blog posting, has kept me more consistent as a blogger. And to be fair, when I say more consistent, you should know that I'm comparing myself to the emotions of a 15 year old girl. Yes, my blogging is more consistent than the emotional status of a teeny bopper. Thank you. Thank you very much. But in all honesty, I do FEEL like this challenge has in some way made me a more accountable blogger (you're welcome) and I actually am enjoying it. So, in true to form Katie Scott fashion, here are days 6, 7, 8 AND 9. Oh hush, cut a girl some slack!

I was in Nebraska (and we all know how busy Lincoln, NE can be!).

Day 6-8:

Well, like I said, I was in Nebraska so as far as actual preparation for my move.... let's just say I'm forgetting the past and moving forward! But I did, however, get plenty of invites to visit good ol' Nebraska while I was with my family. Which I loved. I got excited about moving all over again because it was brought to my attention that I would be living only 8-9 hours from my family in Lincoln! .... which, by the way, will afford me the opportunity to not only see my family, but also to make it to at LEAST one football game this year! GO BIG RED!!! Yippee! I guess living on the East Coast all my life, it didn't dawn on me that I would be within driving distance of my Crazy Rels, whom I love so very much! I anticipate a road trip or two after my move out to Colorado! I'm eager to explore and call new parts (to me) of the country home for a little while... having some sort of family around will make it that much sweeter!

Day 9:

Without sounding like a SNL Debbie Downer skit (hilarious, by the way...I love how they can't keep it together), the thought of moving to Colorado is sometimes a lonely thought. There are times that I feel ambivelant about doing this alone. On one hand, I know that it may not even be an option if I were married and had someone else's life to factor into the equation... I am so thankful for the freedom I have to make this opportunity but, on the other hand, I feel like it would be nice to have something (more so, someone) static, a teammate per say, to equalize some of the change and share the adventure with... Because it will, without a doubt, be an adventure! It's not every day that I feel so thwarted about doing this move with no companion, the adventurer inside of me is generally MUCH louder than 'Debs' and her anxious, annoying voice. But every once in a while, she rears her pathetic little self in hopes that she scares me out of going.... the Debbie Downer in me wants more than anything to be safe and comfortable. Not stretched and grown. But my itchy feet won't let me stay in the comforts of this place right now... This is my journey, that God is graciously letting me trek. He is with me... so whom should I fear?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Winter Break and a Healthier Life: Day 4 & 5

I got to Nebraska yesterday. Of course, not without being delayed 2.5 hours, but I'm here and it feels good. I've never lived in Nebraska, but over the course of my life I've probably come to visit (my extended fam) somewhere around 20 times. Which, by the way, when I saw my grandma last night and went to hug her, she had a huge smile on her face and then said, "now who are you??" LOL... At least by the end of the night she told my mom "I really liked that girl sitting across the table (me)." So even if Grandma Jean doesn't remember me, at least she likes me when I'm hanging out with her. Give her a break, she's 90! She was cute as can be and didn't want to stop playing chicken foot (dominoes) until she beat me one good time... I may have found where our competitive gene came from. It's strange because although I never lived here and apparently didn't get out here enough throughout my life, it still channels home for me. I guess it's because I'm with family and surrounded by love when I'm here. But I'll post more on this Nebraska trip another time.... I have some business to attend to and I owe you a day or two of my 40 days to Colorado. So without further ado....

Day 4:
Can I be frank with you? I did NOTHING for my move on Thursday.... But these post don't have to be about what I've done for my move, they can be anything RELATING TO my move or how I'm thinking or feeling because of it... Basically whatever I want. Get it? So for Day Four I'm going to talk about something I am incredibly excited about once I get out to Colorado. Something that, because of basketball, I have never been able to full advantage of... it's called WINTER BREAK and I am THRILLED that I will get one this year! Megan and I have already been planning our trip and I. CAN'T. WAIT.

Nothing is in stone yet, but it seems that the most appealing idea to us is me meeting her in China for a week and then going to BALI, soaking up all that Indonesia sun and romping around the island for a week! December can't get here fast enough! There will definitely be so tough things about being a student again, but this will most definitely be one of the perks! No wonder some people take 12 years to get through college... If I had known what I was missing out on maybe I would've got on that plan! But thank God for second chances right? This time around, there's no orange ball, plenty of time, and plenty of world to go see!!!

Day 5:
There's no denying that over the last 5 years, especially since my last knee surgery, I have become grossly out of shape. I have great plans for Colorado and one of them, is getting back in shape! I'm not talking Division I College Basketball in shape, but I am talking a shape other than round. I want to be able to get my cardio fitness up and shave a few (eh-hem) of these lbs that I've come all to accustom to, off! I'm not sure what my knees are going to allow me to do but I'm excited about all the different options there will be in Colorado AND the time being a student will afford me to use to figure out what's best for me.

Colorado, I'm comin' for ya!! Are you as excited as I am?!?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mapping skillz... I got 'em

Day 3:

I did do some preparation for my move this week and feel quite accomplished because.....

I mapped out Dad and my route to Colorado Springs!!! We'll see if this route is efficient enough for Dad, but I kinda like it and have already prepared myself for four (not three) days of driving. We'll start off strong and drive a solid 8.5 hours to Lexington, then the middle two days will be 5/6 hour days. And in true to form competitive Scott fashion, we'll finish strong and drive about 9 hours from Lawrence, where my friend Marcus lives, to Colorado Springs.... my new home! Our stops (unless "Mr. Efficient," Dad, objects) will be:

1. Lexington, KY
2. St Louis, MO
3. Lawrence, KS

I also decided yesterday that I am not going to work my friends to death this time around and hired helpers to load the truck up in VA and unload it in CO. I'm hoping this is a good decision in the end. They were relatively cheap and hopefully will be worth the money along with saving some time and energy (my friends' energy that is). After all I don't want my friends disowning me because of my over sized couch and clothes horse tendencies. I'm already counting on the fact that the hired helpers was a winning move, and most likely will allow me to keep my friends in the northern VA area!

I leave for Nebraska tonight (nooooo, I'm not making excuses for a possible delay in posting) to go celebrate Grandma Jeans 90th birthday this year! I imagine we'll eat some amazing corn, have a hoedown and probably go cow tipping*... Should be a good time! I can't wait to see and catch up with everyone! Although, I am sad there will be no football game for me to attend this go 'round. Next time!

*I've actually never gone to a hoedown OR cow tipping (yet) in Nebraska but I'm pretty sure that's what you envision when I tell you I'm going there!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just A Well Planned Road Trip Away ;)

Day 2:

I saw Shayla for the last time before I leave for Colorado last night AND got to celebrate her birthday, albeit, a few days late. But it's better late than never, right!? It was good to see her, as per usual but so very strange to think that I won't see her for a while. Well more so, I won't BE ABLE to see her for a while because of the distance and busyness of our schedules. It's not like I see her every day now or anything but if needed, either one of us could hop in our car and scoot up (down) the road on a whim or if it was needed. It's a road trip we've both done numerous times.

Soon, being 1646 miles away, a road trip on impulse won't really be possible. Although I know Shayla would be down for a road trip like that because when I told her I was moving, that was the first thing she said after she congratulated me. I think her exact words were "Road TRIP!! I'm down for it!" But now there will have to be planning, intentional planning for us to get together. Oh, and of course, money. Unfortunately, being a full-time student may put some restraints on this little social butterfly's capacity for travel over the next couple years. The one thing I've got going for me is that Colorado is a pretty cool place with lots of different things to do that you can't do here in northern VA. Hopefully the slopes, clean air and beautiful weather will be enough to entice my friends to come see me at some point during my tenure as a Coloradan (is that what they're called?). And if not, I'll just have to marry some old guy for his money so I can travel around the world and visit my friends!!*

Our goodbye was no different than my standard goodbye with a hug. As I walked back to the car I wasn't panicking that my best friend and I were going to be 1646 miles away. I wasn't sad to be leaving. I wasn't scared that our friendship would be altered by the distance. I never experience those feelings until I'm actually in the moment.... You know the scenario, when I've got 3 reports to write but need someone to procrastinate with for just a few minutes longer because "You have to hear about this dude I ran into at Starbucks today!!" or coming home from school and just needing to talk because, "seriously, EVERYONE in my little world is getting married and having babies right now. or am I just being ridiculous?!" THEN I will be sad. THEN I will realize how much I miss her and how the way we can communicate through just one glance or the nudge of an elbow.

As excited as I am about moving and starting a new chapter in my life, I have a feeling that once I get out to the Springs, there will be days that I want the comfort of home, the comfort of loved ones, the comfort of friends. And that's what Shayla is and always has been since the day we became friends... comfort. I will definitely miss her spunky self but I know that our friendship will not skip a beat (thank God for skype and facebook)! She won't be making this first road trip with me to Colorado. Dad trumped her and gets to be Dad, and do what Dads do; make sure their little girls are okay and all settled into their new place when they make big moves like this one! But one thing is for sure, there will be more road trips for this friendship, and I can't wait!

*bad joke. it was a joke, mom, promise. unless.... no, I'm kidding, really I am.

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Journey Begins - 40 days until I am a Colorado resident

I really don't need to talk about it again. But I will. Just in case there is ONE new reader, or if one of my old followers (I am using the plural term very loosely... hi Mom!) just happened to stumble upon my page after months of NOTHING, and think someone hacked into my blog to post an entry. It's me! I was not hacked! You should know by now that it's quite cyclical with me. But I WANT to be better. I don't write about anything that is going to change the world or in most people's eyes, important, but it's theraputic for me and I love doing it. In effort to be more consistent AND to document the begining of this next chapter in my life, I'm going to blog something about this transition for the next 40 days. That will take me to 19 August, the Friday before my classes start. Then we'll just have to see where the journey leads from there. So here's to consitency, new beginings, bitter-sweet good-byes, and road trips all in my very near future. Lord, be with me. please.

Day 1:
I can't believe that I'm moving in less than five weeks. I feel like another list is in order so I can get everything done in preparation for this move. Truth is.... I don't WANT to do those things. I'm finding myself wishing I was already in Colorado so I wouldn't have to deal with things like, my condo, moving my stuff out of storage and the Campbell's place, closing up admin stuff at work, thinking about not having a job come August, and all of the menial tasks that are required when one is moving thousands of miles away.
The problem with escaping these tedious duties and 'just getting there already' is then I would miss out on all of the good stuff here. And as far as that's concerned, I'd like to just grab hold of time and make it stop for just a little. It's not that I don't want to move. I do. No, really I do! But I don't want to be so focused on my to-do list that I miss out on these last precious moments that I have here in VA with my family, friends, and everything DC has to offer (I'm pretty sure Colorado Springs doesn't have the myriad of cuisine or culture that VA/DC does). It will also be missing a little 21 month old that has stolen my heart. Gah, if I could just put him in my pocket and bring him with me, I would. He's not the only one I will miss. I have lots to do, but more importantly, lots of friendships to celebrate before my road trip out to Colorado!! I just need to find balance between social and to-do's!

Today's list - Celebrate with Shayla.

So far, I'm doing pretty well not getting bogged down with the necessities of moving ;)