Friday, April 27, 2007

Brown Baggin'.... or not.

I don't know if all of you had the luxuary of having a mom that packed you a lunch for school practically every day of your early childhood/young adult hood life, but I did. I was spoiled, I guess. But since those days I have found more than a couple ways to survive and get through my day without starving (haha, obviously). Most days it's one of the stellar, health conscious establishments across the street: Wendy's, Taco Bell, Five Guys or even the gourmet, TGIF. The other alternative is for ME to prepare my lunch and brown bag it... which I wouldn't mind doing if I could just remember to do it the night before. Those of you who know me (that should be all of you), know that mornings are not my best friend and I will do whatever it takes to get that last minute of sleep. Which normally means no time for brown baggin it, (b/c of course I didn't get around to making my lunch the night before) I'll just buy... again.
Well this week I actually brought my lunch twice. But then with a twist of my arm from a couple of my co-workers on Wednesday, decided I would leave my lunch (left overs) and eat it Thursday. So today, yes, I know it's Friday (they talked me into going out to lunch Thursday too. lol), I went to get my lunch out of the community fridge (I'm not even going to comment on that... it could be a whole blog in itself) and it wasn't there! I took everything out and searched frantically for my carefully planned, home made lunch and it was no where to be found. Someone stole my lunch!! Who does that?? So I carefully double checked to make sure I wasn't going crazy and didn't start using my fork as a weapon to stab anyone who had a rectangular tupperware thingy in their cubicle prematurely. But it still was not there. I guess whoever took my lunch really needed it and I should be glad that I could provide for them what God provides for me daily. But seriously, do people still steal lunches past elementary school? Just ask me for goodness sakes! I'll take you out to lunch if you're that hungry! So now, I'm missing a tupperware (sorry mom, it was hers) and I'm stuck eating Taco Bell.... again. I guess my health kick just wasn't meant to be. At least for this week. I'll try again next week and maybe try to set up a camera and catch the brown bag thief in action (he apparently knows how I get down and that any lunch I would bring in would be nothing less than off the chain!!! lol.) Until then, happy brown baggin...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Road trip SOUTH! :)

This past weekend I traveled down yonder for a bridal shower in Charlotte... Since I was going down that way I wanted to make the drive worth it so I made sure that I got to see Janetta, one of my best good friends from college, Danielle, one of my teammates from Oakton, Julie (cousin) and of course, the Watkins clan (my sister, Julie and her fam). The plan, which if you know me you know that I make plans but never have a problem altering them, was to leave after work on Friday night or leave in the morning on Saturday (it's always good to have options) and then depending on which day I left, see Janetta and go to the shower and then go to the Watkins in SC (just south of Charlotte). Well, I decided Thursday night that I wanted to get there Friday so I could hang with Janetta a little longer. I guess I need to work on my communication skills a little better b/c while en route I got a call from Janetta and Julie asking what time I was leaving that night and what my ETA (military for estimated time of arrival) would be. I told both of them when they called that "I'm on my way now," and they were both surprised (wierd). lol. I forget that everyone I know does not live inside my head and when I change my plans I should probably let them know especially if it involves them. But luckily they are both very flexible and were excited I was coming early.
So I spent the day driving and then hanging out with Janetta and her family and even got to go to her fathers awards ceremony where he was pronouced Mr. Shaw University for the year as well as President of the SGA for next year... Go ahead Mr. Heggins! Janetta and I did what we do best and just chilled the whole time I was there. We went to Dave & Busters to partake in some adult beverages in celebration of her passing all of her tests and obtaining her Masters from ODU!
On Saturday I headed to South Charlotte and got to see my old friend Tosha Jamison (from Western Carolina) at her bridal shower. It was so much fun to see her and a whole bunch of other people that I haven't seen in years. It was so crazy to see how much has changed with people but still stayed the same. Tosha's getting married in June so I plan to be down there again for that! It's gonna be a heck of a celebration!
I got to the Watkin's home on Saturday night and was happy to get to sit and talk with Jules and Monte for a while before we all went to sleep. They told me stories of the kids that made me laugh and realize how different my life is than theirs. I just can't believe the little amount of sleep that they have to function off of. I need my 8.5 hours if I am going to be anything close to functional... makes me wonder if I will make a good mother lol. (speaking of, it's bring your kids to work day here where I work and this kid keeps riding by my cubicle on one of the big mail carts like it's a scooter... where the heck is his mother?) We went to Sonny's for lunch, which happens to be one of my favorite places to go and I was in Heaven because we don't have Sonny's up here. We took the kids to the park, took a walk, sat outside with cousin Julie and just chit chatted about what's been up. All in all a great trip to the Watkins mansion, I mean house!
So on Monday I headed home but not before I went to lunch with Dani and got to see her cute preggie (yep, it'll be her and George's second) self! We laughed and cried, mostly b/c I was PMSing but it was great to see her and a good way to start my trip home!
It was a lot of driving in one weekend but it was totally worth it.... I hate driving, mostly b/c I'm always worried about getting a ticket but if there's a good reason to drive I'll do it! Oh and I'll be happy to report--- I arrived home from my trip ticketless!!!!! Praise be to God! :) See miracles do happen every day. I haven't gotten a chance to download pics from this weekend but when I do I'll put them up with this blog! PS- Roadtrips are much more fun when you have someone driving with you.... HOPEFULLY IN JUNE I CAN FIND SOMEONE TO RIDE WITH ME.... Any takers????

One more Scott to enter the blogging world

Okay, so this past weekend I convinced Julie, my sister, to start blogging b/c it's an easy way to let people into your world and kind of feel like they're doing life with you. Or at least aware of some of the happenings going on in your world. My brother, Adam, and his family started one and it's been so fun reading the stories of their everyday life. The reason I hadn't started one was b/c I don't have kids and a family so I really didn't think I would have anything to write about. But I realized that just b/c I'm not married and don't have a family yet doesn't mean that I'm chopped liver. I don't have to wait until I'm married for my life to start (although sometimes I have to admit I subconsciously must think that the way I look forward to that day... pathetic, I know)! So in my efforts to make myself believe that I don't have to wait for my life to start, I opened a blogger (applause please) and I'm going to share my glorious, fly by the seat of my pants (single people can be like that, right Jules), adventure. That was not sarcasm folks! I do love my life and hopefully you will think it's as interesting as I tell myself I am all the time (okay, maybe just a little sarcasm). Hopefully this will be just another fun way to keep in touch with people a little better and let them know what's going on in the wonderful "Katie Scott Show," starring who else, but me, myself and I! Hold on for the ride.... (okay my life really isn't that crazy that you need to hold on but just make sure you keep your arms and legs inside the car) as you join me in my journey to live life empty handed offering nothing but myself to our God. :)