Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dancing for HIM

A friend of mine sent me a link today and I was not prepared for what I was about to witness. Let me first say that I'm all about Christians branching out and trying to reach every culture through different types of ministry and such. But what exactly was the target group of this performance??

It's obvious that my mind has not been "renewed" enough to thoroughly enjoy this song and dance... Something about it just doesn't sit right with me. They have rhythm and can sing just fine but for some reason the 1-2 combo that they are presenting just sends mix signals to me. What about the 40 something year old woman on the right in her prestine blue skirt suit says hip to you? Exactly, nothing. And lets talk about the dude's solo in the middle of the video for a second. Is he auditioning to be on one of Chris Brown's new videos? He would undoubtedly be cut but I guess because he's dancing for da Lord I'll cut him some slack... He can keep a beat and you don't see too many white guys that can at least move to a beat like that! Kudos, brotherman.

I'm not quite sure what the point of this post was other than to give you a reason to smile and maybe chuckle a little bit while watching this video!! If you haven't smiled yet today, this will do the trick! :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wordless Wednesdays

Okay, so today won't be wordless.
Disclaimer: I'm not sure my Wordless Wednesdays will ever be completely wordless but the alliteration is catchy and "Cool Pictures with Captions" doesn't really roll off the tounge quite as easily. So here's the start to another endeavor in letting you see a little bit of my world as I journey through this life! Enjoy.....

I went to Goshen, VA this weekend on a retreat. We stopped at a little hole in the wall restaurant that was chanelling something like Cracker Barrel.. The product below was being sold there..... What is Butt Massage??? Apparently I'm not spending enough time in the kitchen!

These are some of the girls that I got to hang with all weekend! I had too much fun with these ladies!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fantastic Fridays - Happy Birthday Dad!

Well this Friday could be fantastic for an aray of different reasons. But I think I'll talk about the most special one that happened 63 years ago today... Richard Tazewell Scott Jr was born into this world and has been living a life of legacy ever since. He's not only my dad but has been my protector, provider, supporter and friend.

Dad is not a man of many words but a man that shows love through honor, integrity, sacrifice and action. His dedication to provide and be there for our family has been one of the greatest pictures of love one could paint. I think I speak for all my siblings when I say that our dad has taught us what it means to love unconditionally. What makes his love so powerful is the fact that he doesn't have to say a word, his actions show us.

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.
-Jim Valvano

For as long as I can remember, people have labled me as competitive. And I guess to some extent I can't argue. But I think some my desire to win comes from something other than competitiveness. I can remember before my swim races Dad would come over and look me in the eyes. He would say that he could tell if I was going to win by the look in my eye. I still remember him saying that to me to this day. Now whether or not that was true, I don't know. But I know one thing is for certain, I wanted Dad (and Mom) to be proud of me. And although I know they were proud of me whether I won or got second (the first loser, right dad), they were much more excited when I won. Obviously. But as a 6 or 7 year old, processing the fact that your parents were elated when you won and "compassionate" when you didn't doesn't quite equal what is reality. You just understand that they are really happy when you win and disappointed when you don't. Of course I understand now, that they were never not proud of me... they just knew that I wanted to win at EVERYTHING I did and that I was the one disappointed when I didn't. So they hurt b/c they knew I was hurting. I suppose the point of this story is to show one of the many ways Dad has molded me as a person. I am competitive and determined ultimately b/c I wanted him (and mom) to be proud of me.

“The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.”
-David O. McKay

I have to say I am one of the few and far between now days that can say my parents are still together, enjoy and support each other and seem to grow closer as they get older. They are so funny together. I know Dad drives mom crazy with his little quirks but the one thing is for certain. Dad is crazy about Mom! He supports her, cherishes her, encourages, and respects her. He has set the bar high for us Scott girls when it comes to what we're looking for in a spouse. Some people say I'm too picky but I refuse to settle. My dad has proven that there are Godly men out there that know how to treat a woman! So Dad, I'm not married yet b/c of you!! It's all your fault ;)

Well Dad, you're 63 years young today and should be proud of the life you have lived! I don't think I could've picked a better dad for myself if God would've let me try. Words could never thank you for the support and love you've given me throughout my life. You have sacrificed, supported, and loved our family. You have been able to be the rock of our family b/c you are an amazing man that knows who the real Rock is and built your life on Him!! You (and Mom) have helped mold me into the woman God has created me to be and I hope you are half as proud to call me your daughter as I am to call you my dad! I hope you're having a fun birthday weekend with Mom in Raleigh watching Navy win at Duke (fingers crossed)!! I love you Dad! Happy birthday!! YOU are why this Friday is FANTASTIC!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wouldn't you like to know..... I bet you would!!!

Here's to procrastination and learning more about yours truly! lol. A friend of mine sent me this via email so I thought I'd fill it out and post it.
September 1998

I was a sophmore at Western Carolina University and praying that pre-season would end already. I was excited about the coming season b/c I had work hard over the summer and had been palying well in pre-season. I was eager to start the real season and start our games! Only for my dreams to be dowsed 2 days into practice due to another should dislocation. That was the last time my shoulder came out as I had surgery in November of that year and redshirted the season. But, I was in college, and was meeting fun and new people who ended up being very important in my journey!

That was a fun and exciting time in my life. And without fail, this time of year (maybe it's the weather, football season? who knows) always stirs up the excitement within me. Sometimes in the fall I'll have this emotion that's unexplicable but so tangible. I'm excited and giddy for what seems to be for no reason at all.  I LOVE this time of year and I think it loves me too! :)

September 2003

Pre-season again... shocker!!! Although this time I was coaching rather than playing. It was my second season as an assistant coach at the Naval Academy and I was convinced I had the best first job out of college anyone could've asked for. By this time I had been there a little over a year and had made Annapolis home for me. I met people that quickly became like family to me and impacted my life for the better. I made friends that will be dear to me for my lifetime and it was football season at the Naval Academy (after having the first winning season in years)! There was an electric ambiance throughout the yard (campus) and it was an exciting time to be there!

April 2008

I had just finished a couple trips for work and decided to take a little time to go down south and visit my girl J, who had just had a baby, and my parents. I figured I would take some time while I had it as I would be going back on the road for a couple more work trips.

J's baby boy was just precious and she is one of those moms who makes you sick b/c she had her six pack back in no time (not hating J, just speakin truth!!). It was amazing to watch her become this amazing mother as soon as this little bundle of joy came into this world. And of course seeing my parents is one of those cherished things for me now. They went from being 9 minutes away from me to being 9 hours away. I love getting to go hang out with them and they are overjoyed anytime I make the effort to make it down there. I feel like they think I'm making this huge sacrifice to come see them, when really I'd do it b/c I love seeing them and spending time at with them in their new house! Hopefully I'll make my way down there and become a more permanent Southern at some point :)

(it's amazing I know what a TO-DO list is)
1. Put laundry in dryer before I go to work
2. Put Selection Msg out for the Marathon Team
3. Decide what to be and put together an oufit for the High School Stereotype Party I'm going to
4. Take car to car wash on my way home frome work (just sounds like it should be on a TO-DO list, doesn't it?)
5. Go to party

FIVE THINGS FOLKS DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME (isn't there a reason people don't know)
1. I am, a procrastinator. There I said it. whew. That was tough.... but maybe you already knew that???????
2. I care what people think of me.
3. I secretly wish that I could breakdance like Twitch and Josh from SYTYCD
4. I almost always give people the benefit of the doubt. But once they've lost my trust, it's hard to get it back.
5. I never compete unless I think I can win.

1. Procrastinating. Waiting til the last minute to do something. Not making to-do lists.... etc
2. I sometimes text while driving (now mom, I have the letters memorized some how, so it's not as dangerous as it sounds)
3. Not being direct if I think it will hurt someone's feelings (I'm getting better)
4. Overbooking my schedule... I think quality time is ONE of my top love languages so it tends to lead me to over committing myself so I can hang with everyone. When I do this I always end up cutting something short and/or being late (such a pet peeve) for one of the rendezvous!
5. Never giving up.... most times people consider this a good thing and I would concede to that fact in most cases. But when it's time to give up after a long hard fight, I have issues surrendering. I'm a competitor. If I feel like there is time on the clock and a shot to be taken, I'm gonna take it. The problem lies when the clock has run out and it's time to walk away from the court but I am convinced there's an overtime... time for at least ONE MORE SHOT. Sometimes it's better to know when God is telling you "I've allowed you time to wrestle with this for long enough, now it's my turn to work things out. LET GO," rather than thinking you can still WIN.

FIVE PLACES I'VE LIVEDI'm not even sure why this is interesting or the last question.
1. Pax River, MD
2. Jacksonville, FL
3. Oak Hill, VA
4. Cullowhee, NC
5. Annapolis, MD

Well, there you have it. It's me in a nutshell and now it's your turn! I'm taggin anyone who reads this blog. Whether you post this on your own blog or in my comments section, it doesn't matter! JUST DO IT!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Office coversation - Whoever smelt it.....

The person's name with whom this conversation transpired has been removed but I just had to blog this moment. I could not stop laughing.

XXX: how late are you working today?
Me: i'm trying to leave at 630 but we'll see
XXX: omg i just farted and i didnt think anyone would come by my desk
Me: lol lol lol hahahahaha
XXX: but of course right after i did it two people came over and were standing here for like 3 minutes!!!!
Me: i just laughed out loud.. did they smell it?
XXX: and it stunk bad!!!!!!!!
XXX: so embarrasing
Me: LOL so funny
XXX: yeah, and embarassing... its one of those things where i SHOULD have said something like hey sorry i just farted but i felt dumb!!!
Me: lol lol omg i'm rolling over here

What a riot. I could totally imagine the scene as XXX was telling me. Anyone ever had a similar situation??? Just a fun post to get you through humpday!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Fantastic Fridays - Rest for the Weary

After coming back from Nebraska on Tuesday and staying up way too late on the subsequent nights doing one futile thing or another (scrabble, mancala, hanging out), I am thankful Friday is here. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it through the week. Yesterday I felt like I was in need of a wheelchair as I was trying to pull myself out of bed. I think I've done it. Summer is ending (tear, followed by a sigh of relief) and I have officially worn myself out with all the bbq's, parties, running around, hanging out and traveling I've packed into it (I do have a job add that into the mix). I feel like I've been hit by a Mac truck and need some time to recuperate from all the fun I've had!

As an adult it's not as easy to enjoy the summer like we did as youngsters. No longer are the summers filled with endless hours at the pool with Dave A., going to different sports camps, family vacations, games of capture the flag and kick the can, late nights that run into the morning and are follwed by sleeping in until the next responsibility which was often lunch, or enjoying whatever fun may come up in the span of a wonderful summer's day! Some how these adolescent summers have vanished and the word summer has taken on new meaning. Summer is now a time of intricate planning and running on fumes in order to squeeze as much fun into the fleeting season as possible. It can be an exasperating task, balancing adulthood and summer. There is only so much time in the day. When 9.5 of those hours are spent in an office, 3-7 are spent sleeping, and then 2 hours commuting, I have to become a planner. And in my opinion, as far as adulthood summers go, mine was perfectly packed with just the right ammount of fun trips, cookouts, visits with people I love, hearty laughs, pool time, games, happy hours, sunsets, golf and hanging out. Sure there were late nights when my mind would race with the daunting reality that my alarm clock knows no season, could care less that it's summer time and will be louder than ever in a few hours. The insensitive little thing sounds at the same time the next morning as it did in the winter mornings and have no apologies about it. And I've just about had it! My summer is coming to an end and I have to say I'm not broken hearted.

I will miss the long summer days but I think God made summer in VA just long enough for me! It's Friday and I am taking a weekend off. I'm not planning anything other than cheering Amy on at the Reston Triathlon and just chillaxin' all weekend (disclaimer, sometimes chillaxin' includes golf so don't go calling me a liar when I write about shooting under 90 this weekend). And that's why this Friday is so fantastic... because I have nothing to rush home, quickly change and get ready for. AMEN to that! I will be on my couch or someone's couch watching a movie and listening for the storm we're supposed to get! FANTASTIC!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

MY shot heard 'round the world.... or at least Lincoln, NE

Three-under-par (-3); also called a double eagle. These are extremely rare, and occur on par-fives with a strong drive and a holed approach shot. Holes-in-one on par-four holes (generally short ones) are also albatrosses. The most famous albatross was made by Gene Sarazen in 1935, which propelled him into a tie for first at The Masters Tournament. He won the playoff the next day. The sportswriters of the day termed it "the shot heard 'round the world". Between 1970 and 2003, 84 such shots (an average of less than three per year) were recorded on the PGA Tour.[4]" ........

Uncle John took us to play a round of 9 holes out in the good ol' CornHusker state. It was a site to see. 8 people averaging from beginner to novice in ability trying to navigate through 9 holes of golf AND keep pace as to not make the course pro (that'd be Uncle John) look bad. If you've ever played you can imagine how much of a clustershmuck we were. I, for one, was not helping make our group look any more experienced for the greater part of our day... Except for one shinning moment......

It was hole 6 and I hit an okay tee shot. Distance was good but the shot was a little to the left (as were ALL my stinkin shots that day). So I grabbed my hybrid and listened to a few words of advice from Uncle John and took a whack at it. Good contact!! That's all I cared about! I hit it well and it went where I was aiming (he should think about becoming a golf pro ;)..... A plus in my book no matter what happens after that. I see the ball take one bounce and land on the green. EVEN BETTER! I hit the green! SWEET! I was 160 yards out and saw that it was rolling slowly so I started talking to Uncle John about the shot. Meanwhile, David was attentively watching my ball continue to roll, as I had thought it stopped. All of the sudden I hear David say "I think it went in the hole." I immediately looked up on the green and couldn't see my ball anywhere. No WAY!!! Maybe it just rolled off the green, there's NO WAY that just went in the hole.. right? David and Amy drove up to the green and then walked past the cup with no expression. Darn. I guess it rolled off the green....WRONG!!! That little ball went right to its' home and made my whole golfing experience in Lincoln, NE unforgettable!!!!!! A 2 on a par 5!!!!! I guess what they say is true... Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good!!