Friday, September 12, 2008

Fantastic Fridays - Happy Birthday Dad!

Well this Friday could be fantastic for an aray of different reasons. But I think I'll talk about the most special one that happened 63 years ago today... Richard Tazewell Scott Jr was born into this world and has been living a life of legacy ever since. He's not only my dad but has been my protector, provider, supporter and friend.

Dad is not a man of many words but a man that shows love through honor, integrity, sacrifice and action. His dedication to provide and be there for our family has been one of the greatest pictures of love one could paint. I think I speak for all my siblings when I say that our dad has taught us what it means to love unconditionally. What makes his love so powerful is the fact that he doesn't have to say a word, his actions show us.

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.
-Jim Valvano

For as long as I can remember, people have labled me as competitive. And I guess to some extent I can't argue. But I think some my desire to win comes from something other than competitiveness. I can remember before my swim races Dad would come over and look me in the eyes. He would say that he could tell if I was going to win by the look in my eye. I still remember him saying that to me to this day. Now whether or not that was true, I don't know. But I know one thing is for certain, I wanted Dad (and Mom) to be proud of me. And although I know they were proud of me whether I won or got second (the first loser, right dad), they were much more excited when I won. Obviously. But as a 6 or 7 year old, processing the fact that your parents were elated when you won and "compassionate" when you didn't doesn't quite equal what is reality. You just understand that they are really happy when you win and disappointed when you don't. Of course I understand now, that they were never not proud of me... they just knew that I wanted to win at EVERYTHING I did and that I was the one disappointed when I didn't. So they hurt b/c they knew I was hurting. I suppose the point of this story is to show one of the many ways Dad has molded me as a person. I am competitive and determined ultimately b/c I wanted him (and mom) to be proud of me.

“The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.”
-David O. McKay

I have to say I am one of the few and far between now days that can say my parents are still together, enjoy and support each other and seem to grow closer as they get older. They are so funny together. I know Dad drives mom crazy with his little quirks but the one thing is for certain. Dad is crazy about Mom! He supports her, cherishes her, encourages, and respects her. He has set the bar high for us Scott girls when it comes to what we're looking for in a spouse. Some people say I'm too picky but I refuse to settle. My dad has proven that there are Godly men out there that know how to treat a woman! So Dad, I'm not married yet b/c of you!! It's all your fault ;)

Well Dad, you're 63 years young today and should be proud of the life you have lived! I don't think I could've picked a better dad for myself if God would've let me try. Words could never thank you for the support and love you've given me throughout my life. You have sacrificed, supported, and loved our family. You have been able to be the rock of our family b/c you are an amazing man that knows who the real Rock is and built your life on Him!! You (and Mom) have helped mold me into the woman God has created me to be and I hope you are half as proud to call me your daughter as I am to call you my dad! I hope you're having a fun birthday weekend with Mom in Raleigh watching Navy win at Duke (fingers crossed)!! I love you Dad! Happy birthday!! YOU are why this Friday is FANTASTIC!!!


Carrie said...

awww. I love your Dad too! Happy Birthday Mr. Scott!!!! (belated). :)

Elizabeth O'Brien-Gorkowski said...

Just realized you had your own blog! Love it! Hey I waited 32 years for Justin and certainly well worth it, I am sure God has something awesome planned for you. Happy BDAY to your dad!