Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wordless Wednesdays

Okay, so today won't be wordless.
Disclaimer: I'm not sure my Wordless Wednesdays will ever be completely wordless but the alliteration is catchy and "Cool Pictures with Captions" doesn't really roll off the tounge quite as easily. So here's the start to another endeavor in letting you see a little bit of my world as I journey through this life! Enjoy.....

I went to Goshen, VA this weekend on a retreat. We stopped at a little hole in the wall restaurant that was chanelling something like Cracker Barrel.. The product below was being sold there..... What is Butt Massage??? Apparently I'm not spending enough time in the kitchen!

These are some of the girls that I got to hang with all weekend! I had too much fun with these ladies!

1 comment:

Brother David said...

Don't laugh about the massage - my toosh was hurting after running the other day - and I had to stop many times because of it (and not my weak cardiovascular ability). I'm glad the retreat went great!