Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wouldn't you like to know..... I bet you would!!!

Here's to procrastination and learning more about yours truly! lol. A friend of mine sent me this via email so I thought I'd fill it out and post it.
September 1998

I was a sophmore at Western Carolina University and praying that pre-season would end already. I was excited about the coming season b/c I had work hard over the summer and had been palying well in pre-season. I was eager to start the real season and start our games! Only for my dreams to be dowsed 2 days into practice due to another should dislocation. That was the last time my shoulder came out as I had surgery in November of that year and redshirted the season. But, I was in college, and was meeting fun and new people who ended up being very important in my journey!

That was a fun and exciting time in my life. And without fail, this time of year (maybe it's the weather, football season? who knows) always stirs up the excitement within me. Sometimes in the fall I'll have this emotion that's unexplicable but so tangible. I'm excited and giddy for what seems to be for no reason at all.  I LOVE this time of year and I think it loves me too! :)

September 2003

Pre-season again... shocker!!! Although this time I was coaching rather than playing. It was my second season as an assistant coach at the Naval Academy and I was convinced I had the best first job out of college anyone could've asked for. By this time I had been there a little over a year and had made Annapolis home for me. I met people that quickly became like family to me and impacted my life for the better. I made friends that will be dear to me for my lifetime and it was football season at the Naval Academy (after having the first winning season in years)! There was an electric ambiance throughout the yard (campus) and it was an exciting time to be there!

April 2008

I had just finished a couple trips for work and decided to take a little time to go down south and visit my girl J, who had just had a baby, and my parents. I figured I would take some time while I had it as I would be going back on the road for a couple more work trips.

J's baby boy was just precious and she is one of those moms who makes you sick b/c she had her six pack back in no time (not hating J, just speakin truth!!). It was amazing to watch her become this amazing mother as soon as this little bundle of joy came into this world. And of course seeing my parents is one of those cherished things for me now. They went from being 9 minutes away from me to being 9 hours away. I love getting to go hang out with them and they are overjoyed anytime I make the effort to make it down there. I feel like they think I'm making this huge sacrifice to come see them, when really I'd do it b/c I love seeing them and spending time at with them in their new house! Hopefully I'll make my way down there and become a more permanent Southern at some point :)

(it's amazing I know what a TO-DO list is)
1. Put laundry in dryer before I go to work
2. Put Selection Msg out for the Marathon Team
3. Decide what to be and put together an oufit for the High School Stereotype Party I'm going to
4. Take car to car wash on my way home frome work (just sounds like it should be on a TO-DO list, doesn't it?)
5. Go to party

FIVE THINGS FOLKS DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME (isn't there a reason people don't know)
1. I am, a procrastinator. There I said it. whew. That was tough.... but maybe you already knew that???????
2. I care what people think of me.
3. I secretly wish that I could breakdance like Twitch and Josh from SYTYCD
4. I almost always give people the benefit of the doubt. But once they've lost my trust, it's hard to get it back.
5. I never compete unless I think I can win.

1. Procrastinating. Waiting til the last minute to do something. Not making to-do lists.... etc
2. I sometimes text while driving (now mom, I have the letters memorized some how, so it's not as dangerous as it sounds)
3. Not being direct if I think it will hurt someone's feelings (I'm getting better)
4. Overbooking my schedule... I think quality time is ONE of my top love languages so it tends to lead me to over committing myself so I can hang with everyone. When I do this I always end up cutting something short and/or being late (such a pet peeve) for one of the rendezvous!
5. Never giving up.... most times people consider this a good thing and I would concede to that fact in most cases. But when it's time to give up after a long hard fight, I have issues surrendering. I'm a competitor. If I feel like there is time on the clock and a shot to be taken, I'm gonna take it. The problem lies when the clock has run out and it's time to walk away from the court but I am convinced there's an overtime... time for at least ONE MORE SHOT. Sometimes it's better to know when God is telling you "I've allowed you time to wrestle with this for long enough, now it's my turn to work things out. LET GO," rather than thinking you can still WIN.

FIVE PLACES I'VE LIVEDI'm not even sure why this is interesting or the last question.
1. Pax River, MD
2. Jacksonville, FL
3. Oak Hill, VA
4. Cullowhee, NC
5. Annapolis, MD

Well, there you have it. It's me in a nutshell and now it's your turn! I'm taggin anyone who reads this blog. Whether you post this on your own blog or in my comments section, it doesn't matter! JUST DO IT!

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