Thursday, February 21, 2013

Picture a Day: Let's play catch up 29 Jan - 21 Feb

So, you will notice that I have missed a few days.  Well, what can I say... I failed.  Once I missed a day, I started to feel like I should just stop because it's not a picture A DAY anymore but then I figured the whole point was to get me blogging, using my camera more, and capturing snippets of my year so I can look back and remember.  Larry encouraged me a little to keep at it and I'm glad he did.  Although I don't have every day, I have the majority and hopefully my mind can fill in the days that I have missed! 

Jan29: How deep is His love :)
Jan30: Getting started on some 11:22PM
Feb1: Date night, I put to use a gift card that Meggo and Jess got me for Christmas... YUM!
Feb2: Rach came back to the Springs to celebrate B.A.M.
Feb3: Superbowl goodies!
Feb8: Date night - AI Sushi (where Larry and I had our first date)
Feb9: Love this view on my drive home
Feb10: Breakfast #operationgetitright
Feb11: It's starting to feel like I live in Colorado
Feb12: Larry playing his game :)
Feb14: He never ceases to amaze me!
Feb15: Center piece at Windy's wedding #cool
Feb16: Beautiful day for a drive
Feb17: Hot Springs with my love #coloradobucketlist
Feb21: The snow day didn't stop us from visiting our fave coffee spot