Friday, February 25, 2011

Who I Am....

Who I Am...

I am...just a girl on a journey.
I be known in spite of my tendency to shy away from vulnerability.
I have...amazing family and friends whom make my heart full.
I wish...they all lived closer (or I had a private jet).
I hate...that I worry.
I fear...heights.
I hear...tiny feet running around upstairs (I love hearing that).
I search...for truth.
I wonder...where I'm headed and how I'll get there.
I regret...that my to-do list rarely gets completed and I never learned to play the guitar.
I love...enjoying the 3 F's (Fun, Food, Fellowship) at the same time.
I ache...when people I love are hurting.
I always... sing when the National Anthem is being played.
I usually...lose my breath when I see a beautiful sunset.
I am not...a writer but writing stories through photos and words is a wonderful outlet for me.
I dance...a lot with Matthew lately.
I sing...less now than I use to.
I never...get enough sleep at night.
I sometimes...have a hard time being patient for things.
I cry...I'm a girl, you want to know EVERYTHING that makes me cry?
I am not extrovert.
I a foot race every time (except against children under the age of 5)*
I am confused...when we don't choose to love and restore dignity, over reputation. (and when I see this)
I need...Grace, truth and redemption in my life daily.
I should...workout more (Amen Megan).
Who Are You?

Now you're supposed to copy and repost your answers.... I'm not tagging people but if you do it, let me know so I can check you out! :)

*possibly younger, it just depends on how athletic of a 4 year old the kid is

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Office Coversations - SMH

I was talking to a co-worker of mine and apparently sexy knees are in. Sexy KNEES. I wasn't sure where to go from there but it went something like this:

Co-worker: "I need to find an exercise that tones my knees."
Me: "Your KNEES? Don't you mean your quads, hamstrings and calves... i.e. your LEGS?" isn't your knee kind of like your elbow? if your knee looks fat, it's probably b/c your legs are, in fact, fat or out of shape. But I don't know, that's just my thinking... (and by YOU I was not referring to her, I was THINKING in general)
Co-worker: "No... I'm talking about this area right here," as she runs her fingers around her knee caps. (clearly not wanting to believe that the only way to get your knees to look better, is to get your entire leg to look better, which would mean actually working out)
Me: (scratching my head) "I'm pretty sure that IF there WAS an exercise that tones your knees, Kate Middleton knows what it is." (but then again, she's probably working on her overall fitness by the looks of things.)
Co-worker: "You think she has a blog about what she does to get her knees to look that good? or maybe there's a procedure just to tone up a little bit? You think?" (WHAT?!?!)
Me: (NO, I don't, actually, but I'll play along.... yes, I'm a jerk) "Google it, I bet there's something out there.... Let me know what you find," as I walk back to my cubicle very, very disheartened (for many reasons)....

.....Although that conversation on the surface seemed somewhat shallow, it was oddly informative. I mean, have you seen Kate Middleton's knees?!? If you clicked on the link earlier in this post you have, and my knees.... Well, let's just hope that sexy knees is a quick fad, that runs it's course as quickly as Los del Rio and the Macarena (if this song is played at my wedding, I'll puke). But for some reason sexy knees seem way more appealing than the Macarena, so I may be out of luck. As if us ladies didn't have enough to be self-conscious about, now we have to worry about our knees too. Thank you Co-worker, for making me aware of this new *trend* and giving me one more short coming to own up to (because I didn't have enough).

Leg extensions and lunges are my new best friends. #whoamikidding_idontcare

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Rock of Remembrance_2011 Jan recap

February. Good gracious. It's February. To say time is flying by and that I wish I had a pause button would make me sound like an old fart be cliche, but geeeez..... I promise I will only say this one more time, IT'S ALREADY FEBRUARY, PEOPLE! 2011 is going to come and go just like every other year has done before, but this year is going to mark a lot of new things for me. My memory is not always the best when it comes to periods of transition in my life and I want to have a record of my story; things going on, decisions I'm making (and why), God moments, what I'm feeling, the new characters involved, the ups, the downs... you get the picture. It does sound a bit self-absorbed, but I promise it's not truly believe that God uses our past to shape our future. Not to say that God can't or won't use something in my past just because I can't remember it (whew!), but being reminded of things He brought me through or lessons learned is invaluable when making decisions about the future. Right? Okay, enough rambling, March will be here before I know it and I will still be writing this post. So here's a wrap up of January, 2011....

*Celebrated New Years with Shayla, Paul, Mel, Chief and Brett in Georgetown

*Got the flu and thought I was going to die

*Started packing in order to move out of my place, and in with the Campbells

*Took a trip to Denver, CO (I will have another post about this as it was integral in some of my subsequent decisions) and saw two of my favorite people, Carrie and Jamar
Carrie and me, snow shoe'ing :)

Jamar taking me to meet up with Carrie :)

*Finished More packing - Wonderful friends helped me (finish packing) move

An almost empty house

David in the U-Haul truck; on our way to the storage unit!

Jon driving the U-Haul

Julie and Matthew at Ledo's after a tough day's work!

*Survived a couple snow storms/Enjoyed playing in the snow with Matthew

*Settled into the Campbells and had friends over for drinks, games and hot tub'ing

*Submitted application to CCU for their Masters of Arts in Counseling Program

So long January 2011, you may be over, but (now) you will not be forgotten. February, please bring less snow and more dance parties via Matthew and Campbell clan. I'm keeping it simple this month. Focusing on enjoying the journey. Decisions will be made, fun will be had, my heart will be full, and the pages in my story will continue to turn as I co-author with God in writing the next chapter.