Friday, February 25, 2011

Who I Am....

Who I Am...

I am...just a girl on a journey.
I be known in spite of my tendency to shy away from vulnerability.
I have...amazing family and friends whom make my heart full.
I wish...they all lived closer (or I had a private jet).
I hate...that I worry.
I fear...heights.
I hear...tiny feet running around upstairs (I love hearing that).
I search...for truth.
I wonder...where I'm headed and how I'll get there.
I regret...that my to-do list rarely gets completed and I never learned to play the guitar.
I love...enjoying the 3 F's (Fun, Food, Fellowship) at the same time.
I ache...when people I love are hurting.
I always... sing when the National Anthem is being played.
I usually...lose my breath when I see a beautiful sunset.
I am not...a writer but writing stories through photos and words is a wonderful outlet for me.
I dance...a lot with Matthew lately.
I sing...less now than I use to.
I never...get enough sleep at night.
I sometimes...have a hard time being patient for things.
I cry...I'm a girl, you want to know EVERYTHING that makes me cry?
I am not extrovert.
I a foot race every time (except against children under the age of 5)*
I am confused...when we don't choose to love and restore dignity, over reputation. (and when I see this)
I need...Grace, truth and redemption in my life daily.
I should...workout more (Amen Megan).
Who Are You?

Now you're supposed to copy and repost your answers.... I'm not tagging people but if you do it, let me know so I can check you out! :)

*possibly younger, it just depends on how athletic of a 4 year old the kid is

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