Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dancing for HIM

A friend of mine sent me a link today and I was not prepared for what I was about to witness. Let me first say that I'm all about Christians branching out and trying to reach every culture through different types of ministry and such. But what exactly was the target group of this performance??

It's obvious that my mind has not been "renewed" enough to thoroughly enjoy this song and dance... Something about it just doesn't sit right with me. They have rhythm and can sing just fine but for some reason the 1-2 combo that they are presenting just sends mix signals to me. What about the 40 something year old woman on the right in her prestine blue skirt suit says hip to you? Exactly, nothing. And lets talk about the dude's solo in the middle of the video for a second. Is he auditioning to be on one of Chris Brown's new videos? He would undoubtedly be cut but I guess because he's dancing for da Lord I'll cut him some slack... He can keep a beat and you don't see too many white guys that can at least move to a beat like that! Kudos, brotherman.

I'm not quite sure what the point of this post was other than to give you a reason to smile and maybe chuckle a little bit while watching this video!! If you haven't smiled yet today, this will do the trick! :)


60 toes said...

I might have nightmares about that.

JulieMonte said...

It would have been so much better if they had scarves to dance with. They must be trying out for a new show called - So You Think You Can Dance For Jesus? - LOL thanks for the laughs.

Full of JOY said...

HI!!!!! :)