Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Office coversation - Whoever smelt it.....

The person's name with whom this conversation transpired has been removed but I just had to blog this moment. I could not stop laughing.

XXX: how late are you working today?
Me: i'm trying to leave at 630 but we'll see
XXX: omg i just farted and i didnt think anyone would come by my desk
Me: lol lol lol hahahahaha
XXX: but of course right after i did it two people came over and were standing here for like 3 minutes!!!!
Me: i just laughed out loud.. did they smell it?
XXX: and it stunk bad!!!!!!!!
XXX: so embarrasing
Me: LOL so funny
XXX: yeah, and embarassing... its one of those things where i SHOULD have said something like hey sorry i just farted but i felt dumb!!!
Me: lol lol omg i'm rolling over here

What a riot. I could totally imagine the scene as XXX was telling me. Anyone ever had a similar situation??? Just a fun post to get you through humpday!

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