Friday, October 3, 2008

Fantastic Fridays - On the other side

This week has been crazy for a myriad of reasons but mainly because the Army Ten Miler is taking place. I have been in charge of selecting the All Army team that will be competing in the Elite/International group. There are so many little things that go on behind the scenes when entering a team in an event like this. As an athlete I think I took so much of it for granted. Coordinating the travel, equipment, money disbursement, hotel reservations, and event obligations are all things that use to "just happen" when I was the athlete. But now, I get to be on the other side of it. God is funny like that. I think he just wants to make sure that I think back and appreciate the people in my life that made my life as an athlete seem to just smoothly sail along.

It is quite eye opening when I think about it because God has placed me in two positions that I am in charge of things I never had to worry about. Stuff like planning, organizing, logistics, funding and more planning are things I never even thought about, nor did I want to. Sometimes it's much more enjoyable when you're ignorant to the things that go on behind the scenes. Although knowing these things helps you appreciate the opportunities that others have helped happen.

I can't begin to tell you how many seasons Mom and Dad had to coordinate their schedules with getting us kids to our extra cirricular activities throughout the years. And as much as I'm sure it brings unspeakable joy to watch your little rugrats chase a ball around some field or court, I can't imagine that it was ALWAYS the first thing on their "Things I'd Like to Do" list. So thanks Mom and Dad, for all of your support and sacrifice!

If you haven't realized yet, it is Fantastic Friday. I'll be in DC all weekend working with and for my team. It won't be all bad though... I have a hotel room in DC and will be able to get away to spice things up a bit! So even though I've been crazy busy doing behind the scenes work for this weekend, it was worth it because I love love love the city and am going to take advantage of being there for a few days (I say that like it's far away and I live in the country).... and that is pretty fantastic!

Enjoy your weekend!!

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Elizabeth O'Brien-Gorkowski said...

Enjoy it Katie! Glad you are making it happen for all those athletes! Someday they will appreciate your effort, like you do now!