Saturday, October 25, 2008

No She Di-int.... Yes, yes I Did.

Yep, I've gotta do it. Now for those of you who don't know me and are wondering around the bloggy world reading random posts, I'm going to tell you something about myself. I rarely am wooed by the bumping into, hanging out with or meeting of professional athletes or celebs. Maybe it's my pride that won't allow myself to put these people (after all that's what they are) on the pedestal that society does but day in and day out, they are just like you and I... with a few extra million in their pockets and the fact that they can't eat dinner in public because people are constantly dying to run up to them and make a fool of themselves (eh hem) just for one little obligatory head nod and word of appreciation (if that). Which brings me to the reason I'm writing this post.

I went to this new spot at the Reston Town Center on Thursday night with my friend Abby. When we walked in I was shocked at the crowd. There were literally people smushed from wall to wall at the bar and it was a 45 minute wait to eat. So Abby and I decided to go fight our way through the crowd until we found a place big enough that we could squeeze our head through and order a drink while we waited to be seated. Fun. So we sat, no actually we stood, drank and chatted until our little buzzer thingy went off... 45 minutes later, after not eating all day and a half a Mojito or Cosmo too many (lol, Abby you know why that's funny), we stumbled our way to the table and were ready to order.

As I'm looking at the menu, this tall glass of water starts walking right towards the open table next to us. I notice him out of the corner of my eye but due to the lack of nourishment during the day plus the alcoholic beverage (yes, that's singular folks) I consumed, I needed to concentrate on what I was going to be eating. I continued to try and stay focused on what really mattered (me getting food in my stomache) but I couldn't help it, he caught my eye again. I looked up right as this man was about to be seated and my heart fluttered (wow that's corny). This man was beautiful. I smiled sheepishly, as I just knew he could tell my heart rate went up as soon as he started walking my way. He smiled back and sat down.....ALONE! "No way was this man dining alone," I thought to myself. Consumed by his gorgeousness I didn't even think about the fact that it was Jason Taylor. As soon as I could put words in my mouth I whispered, not very softly, "That's Jason Taylor!!!!!" to Abby. She said, "Who is that?!" Oh my dear Abby.. Only the most beautiful man in the world, who happens to play for the REDSKINS, which happens to be my team! So she glanced over at him and the first thing she says to me, "He's not married." We both laughed and then she says "Are you going to say something to him?" My response of course was, "I normally don't do this, but I HAVE to... " So I leaned over and tapped him on the arm "You're Jason Taylor, aren't you?" He smiled and said yes. I'm not sure exactly what I said after that, I'm pretty sure it sounded like diarrhea of the mouth but went something like this... "I am a huge Redskins fan and I love you." He laughed and said thank you so I scooted back over to my booth and tried to keep myself from squealing.

I can honestly say that, that is the first time I can remember ever getting school girlishly excited about meeting an athlete. But the more I think about it, the more I realize it had nothing to do with him playing for the Skins (a bonus, no doubt) but everything to do with the fact that I think I met the most beautiful man in the world. And let me tell you, he's even more good looking in person. So yeah, I met Jason Taylor this week and while I know he puts his pants on one leg at a time, he sure does look a lot better after it's done than anyone I've ever seen. I think this is just after he pointed at me and said "you have my heart." It went something like that, I'm pretty sure. And that's a purity ring, not a wedding ring on his finger ;) A girl can dream can't she?! lol


60 toes said...

When your FB status said you met him, I had to google him. I figured he must be an athlete and probably a redskin but I wasn't sure.

You're cute!

Full of JOY said...

HOLY BEAUTIFUL. I am so totally laughing right now! You failed to mention that HE was totally checking US out.

Elizabeth O'Brien-Gorkowski said...

And you let him leave???!!

Hi, I'm Heather said...

Oh. my. goodness.

Don't tell my husband, but I have to agree w/ you wholeheartedly-- he is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

That was the best blog post ever! I totally agree. And I loved the part where you posted the picture of him and put the statement after it. Hilarious!!! Too funny. I wish I had of been there! But I guess if I of been we would have been eating at Sweetwater and never would have met him!!!!!! Hahaha.