Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Foreign to Native: Day 17

Day 17:

You know that lost feeling you get after purchasing a new phone? Trying to navigate through the functions and figure your way out through the apps... it can seem so foreign at first. I got a new-to-me phone today and have fumbled my way through it as time has permitted. I can do things like, make a phone call, answer a phone call, receive/send a text, open my calendar, get on facebook.... I have figured out how to do most everything I want to do on it.... but it just takes me, what feels like, eons longer to do them than with my old phone. It's not because one phone is better than the other (except for the fact that my old one had a mind of its own), it's just that it's different. As I maneuvered my way through to figure out how to do the simplest of things, I started to think about Colorado and what being, no living, in a new city will feel like. I mean really, the last time I moved to a NEW city was in 2002 and it was at least in the same area of familiarity to me so I kind of knew what to expect...

My guess is that moving to Colorado is going to be kind of like getting my new-to-me phone that I am holding right now. It will be different, exciting, fun, but frustrating at times because I won't know how to do even the simplest of things without asking someone or googling "how-to" and getting the information off the web. Which is fine. But slightly annoying too. I will be out of my comfort zone and have to re-learn things, depend on others for help (I hate that) and ask lots of questions in order to become familiar with my new setting. But in the end, just like getting a new phone, I'm sure I will discover new things, use it to its full capacity, and come to absolutely love it as I see what it has to offer! And soon I will wonder how I ever lived without it!!

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