Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Get by with a Little Help From my Friends ;)

I've been having issues with my phone lately. grrrr. It's so frustrating. I thought about going to upgrade because I am eligible to do so. With the move and all, I'm trying to pinch pennies where ever I can, so getting the iphone just because a couple of apps weren't working seemed frivolous when I could just wait until the NEW comes out in September. That would be the responsible thing to do. Because really it's not a matter of IF I'm going to get it, it's just when. right?!

Well, I went into the Verizon store to get some technical help for my phone and they told me "yeah, sorry, there's nothing we can do because you're having issues with a third party...." blah blah blah... And it happened, visions of me looking oh-so-chic with my new WHITE iphone up to my face, chatting away with one of my trendy friends who, of course, was holding an iphone on the other end too. I would get a hip little carrying case for it and people would think (because of my phone) "that girl is with it" as I walked by with my nose up. And all would be swell.

Okay, Okay, I will stop drinking the haterade. Not all people with iphones are snobs... I just want one. But don't necessarily NEED one because the Android phones are really great too... But this is why I don't have an iphone, and really did happened after the "helpful" tech support I received was this. The conversation in my head went something like this:

Me (the Consumer KT)- Sweet! Iphone here I come!!!
Me (the Sensible KT)- Why don't you just wait until you get out to Colorado and see what kind of bills you have then?
CKT- Shut up. I'm not listening to you.
SKT- Seriously, let's think this through. Your phone works, it's just a couple apps (mainly facebook, you nerd) that is acting screwy. You don't NEED this right now and you may need to buy things like... oh I don't know, books, when you get out to Colorado!! And you never know how long it will take for your GI Bill money to kick in... just wait.
CKT- You are SUCH a downer. Can't you just enjoy the fact that I want to buy this for US?!
SKT- What if the NEW version comes out early in August?
CKT- I hate you. Fine. I'll wait.

.... And with that, I turned around and walked out of the store after thanking the "help" (for what I'm not sure). But the best thing about this story is my friend saw that I was having issues with my phone (on facebook, duh) and offered to send me her Samsung Fascinate until I could get a new phone! I mean, seriously!! Thank YOU, Sensible KT. Thank you for finally having some restraint... little as it was (discipline can have its reward). And thanks to Summer for your generosity (especially being that you've seen how often I have dropped my phone)!! I'll be careful with your phone, I promise!

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