Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mapping skillz... I got 'em

Day 3:

I did do some preparation for my move this week and feel quite accomplished because.....

I mapped out Dad and my route to Colorado Springs!!! We'll see if this route is efficient enough for Dad, but I kinda like it and have already prepared myself for four (not three) days of driving. We'll start off strong and drive a solid 8.5 hours to Lexington, then the middle two days will be 5/6 hour days. And in true to form competitive Scott fashion, we'll finish strong and drive about 9 hours from Lawrence, where my friend Marcus lives, to Colorado Springs.... my new home! Our stops (unless "Mr. Efficient," Dad, objects) will be:

1. Lexington, KY
2. St Louis, MO
3. Lawrence, KS

I also decided yesterday that I am not going to work my friends to death this time around and hired helpers to load the truck up in VA and unload it in CO. I'm hoping this is a good decision in the end. They were relatively cheap and hopefully will be worth the money along with saving some time and energy (my friends' energy that is). After all I don't want my friends disowning me because of my over sized couch and clothes horse tendencies. I'm already counting on the fact that the hired helpers was a winning move, and most likely will allow me to keep my friends in the northern VA area!

I leave for Nebraska tonight (nooooo, I'm not making excuses for a possible delay in posting) to go celebrate Grandma Jeans 90th birthday this year! I imagine we'll eat some amazing corn, have a hoedown and probably go cow tipping*... Should be a good time! I can't wait to see and catch up with everyone! Although, I am sad there will be no football game for me to attend this go 'round. Next time!

*I've actually never gone to a hoedown OR cow tipping (yet) in Nebraska but I'm pretty sure that's what you envision when I tell you I'm going there!

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