Monday, July 25, 2011

Stupid technology: Day 15

Day 15:

I absolutely love my smartphone... On most days. It is so great for people like me who can forget something as simple as "pick up some milk on the way home." I have, on average, 4 reminders a day for various things like that. But it's soooo helpful and soooo easy. I love it.

But then there are days like today.... Remember day 3 when I was all excited because I got a lot of the logistics done for my trip?? I had put ALL of the information into the "Notepad" application on my phone. Everything from my confirmation numbers for my uhaul to the phone numbers, times and names of the movers that I hired to help get me out to Colorado without racking up all my friends' chiropractor bills. Well, the other day I had to hard reset my so-called wonderful smartphone because it was having issues opening apps and just not running normally. No big deal, it save all the important stuff... or so I thought. Today I got a phone call from one of the movers and we discussed some logistics and when I opened Notepad to add the info to my "Colorado Move Info" note... you guessed it. IT WAS GONE. fml.

After a slight panic attack, I remembered that each company had sent me emails confirming the service they were providing and I immediately jumped on the computer to see if they were still in my mailbox. THANK God, they were. So all is well on the move side of things... I won't have random men showing up at my door (that I forgot about) because I didn't have a reminder set. I wonder if I need to go back to the hand held calendar just in case something like this happens again? I'm not sure I would even know how to use it! ;) I'll just back it up on my mac to make sure I have it in more than one place. Hopefully Colorado has Internet and cell phones, or I'll be in a world of hurt! :D

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