Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just A Well Planned Road Trip Away ;)

Day 2:

I saw Shayla for the last time before I leave for Colorado last night AND got to celebrate her birthday, albeit, a few days late. But it's better late than never, right!? It was good to see her, as per usual but so very strange to think that I won't see her for a while. Well more so, I won't BE ABLE to see her for a while because of the distance and busyness of our schedules. It's not like I see her every day now or anything but if needed, either one of us could hop in our car and scoot up (down) the road on a whim or if it was needed. It's a road trip we've both done numerous times.

Soon, being 1646 miles away, a road trip on impulse won't really be possible. Although I know Shayla would be down for a road trip like that because when I told her I was moving, that was the first thing she said after she congratulated me. I think her exact words were "Road TRIP!! I'm down for it!" But now there will have to be planning, intentional planning for us to get together. Oh, and of course, money. Unfortunately, being a full-time student may put some restraints on this little social butterfly's capacity for travel over the next couple years. The one thing I've got going for me is that Colorado is a pretty cool place with lots of different things to do that you can't do here in northern VA. Hopefully the slopes, clean air and beautiful weather will be enough to entice my friends to come see me at some point during my tenure as a Coloradan (is that what they're called?). And if not, I'll just have to marry some old guy for his money so I can travel around the world and visit my friends!!*

Our goodbye was no different than my standard goodbye with a hug. As I walked back to the car I wasn't panicking that my best friend and I were going to be 1646 miles away. I wasn't sad to be leaving. I wasn't scared that our friendship would be altered by the distance. I never experience those feelings until I'm actually in the moment.... You know the scenario, when I've got 3 reports to write but need someone to procrastinate with for just a few minutes longer because "You have to hear about this dude I ran into at Starbucks today!!" or coming home from school and just needing to talk because, "seriously, EVERYONE in my little world is getting married and having babies right now. or am I just being ridiculous?!" THEN I will be sad. THEN I will realize how much I miss her and how the way we can communicate through just one glance or the nudge of an elbow.

As excited as I am about moving and starting a new chapter in my life, I have a feeling that once I get out to the Springs, there will be days that I want the comfort of home, the comfort of loved ones, the comfort of friends. And that's what Shayla is and always has been since the day we became friends... comfort. I will definitely miss her spunky self but I know that our friendship will not skip a beat (thank God for skype and facebook)! She won't be making this first road trip with me to Colorado. Dad trumped her and gets to be Dad, and do what Dads do; make sure their little girls are okay and all settled into their new place when they make big moves like this one! But one thing is for sure, there will be more road trips for this friendship, and I can't wait!

*bad joke. it was a joke, mom, promise. unless.... no, I'm kidding, really I am.

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