Friday, July 15, 2011

Winter Break and a Healthier Life: Day 4 & 5

I got to Nebraska yesterday. Of course, not without being delayed 2.5 hours, but I'm here and it feels good. I've never lived in Nebraska, but over the course of my life I've probably come to visit (my extended fam) somewhere around 20 times. Which, by the way, when I saw my grandma last night and went to hug her, she had a huge smile on her face and then said, "now who are you??" LOL... At least by the end of the night she told my mom "I really liked that girl sitting across the table (me)." So even if Grandma Jean doesn't remember me, at least she likes me when I'm hanging out with her. Give her a break, she's 90! She was cute as can be and didn't want to stop playing chicken foot (dominoes) until she beat me one good time... I may have found where our competitive gene came from. It's strange because although I never lived here and apparently didn't get out here enough throughout my life, it still channels home for me. I guess it's because I'm with family and surrounded by love when I'm here. But I'll post more on this Nebraska trip another time.... I have some business to attend to and I owe you a day or two of my 40 days to Colorado. So without further ado....

Day 4:
Can I be frank with you? I did NOTHING for my move on Thursday.... But these post don't have to be about what I've done for my move, they can be anything RELATING TO my move or how I'm thinking or feeling because of it... Basically whatever I want. Get it? So for Day Four I'm going to talk about something I am incredibly excited about once I get out to Colorado. Something that, because of basketball, I have never been able to full advantage of... it's called WINTER BREAK and I am THRILLED that I will get one this year! Megan and I have already been planning our trip and I. CAN'T. WAIT.

Nothing is in stone yet, but it seems that the most appealing idea to us is me meeting her in China for a week and then going to BALI, soaking up all that Indonesia sun and romping around the island for a week! December can't get here fast enough! There will definitely be so tough things about being a student again, but this will most definitely be one of the perks! No wonder some people take 12 years to get through college... If I had known what I was missing out on maybe I would've got on that plan! But thank God for second chances right? This time around, there's no orange ball, plenty of time, and plenty of world to go see!!!

Day 5:
There's no denying that over the last 5 years, especially since my last knee surgery, I have become grossly out of shape. I have great plans for Colorado and one of them, is getting back in shape! I'm not talking Division I College Basketball in shape, but I am talking a shape other than round. I want to be able to get my cardio fitness up and shave a few (eh-hem) of these lbs that I've come all to accustom to, off! I'm not sure what my knees are going to allow me to do but I'm excited about all the different options there will be in Colorado AND the time being a student will afford me to use to figure out what's best for me.

Colorado, I'm comin' for ya!! Are you as excited as I am?!?

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Full of JOY said...

Hey you! I am really enjoying reading your blog posts! I love hearing your heart and where you're at with all of this!