Sunday, October 21, 2007

Deep Thoughts...

"For so long i chased fantasy he was too fast.... and i found love when i embraced reality."

(the original quote says "she" instead of "he" but I changed it for sake of my blog. And I don't know who wrote it, so don't ask... )
This quote or poem really hit me when I read it b/c it's so true not only of our culture today but of myself as well. I think in some way or another single people (and a lot of couples as well) have an "idea" of what love is supposed to look, feel and be like. Whether those ideas came from movies, tv shows or idolizing some couple you once saw that "looked" so happy, they are there and there's no denying them. We have expectations of love and if we don't realize that our love checklist might not be realistic we may chase this fantasy called love the rest of our lives. Obviously there are some must-haves that you should hold firm to. But maybe he won't have "a body like Arnold, with a Denzel face," those of you who know Salt 'n' Peppa from the 90's should appreciate that last line! lol. or maybe he isn't a handy man or maybe she can't cook... but she tries and that's what love is about. Love is embedded in reality, which is never perfect, but if guided through God's love, a million times better than all of our expectations... or fantasies. Not one of us will ever be able to love someone enough to make them whole or make them complete. We were made for more, more than any human relationship could ever give us but our worldly imposed expectations are what lead us to chasing these fantasies. Not until we "ebrace reality" will we find love and realize the depths of it's character and the power that comes from it's commitment. ps- I haven't blogged in forever, I know... Been busy, tired and just not motivated. Write about it all later! :)


JulieMonte said...

very insightful. It is so true in so many ways. thanks for sharing. welcome back to the blog world. I haven't been very good about writing either.

Carrie said...

preach on!