Saturday, March 8, 2008

Recap.... It's been a while

Ok, I'm not even sure where I should start with this blog and honestly, not sure if it matters. Its been so long since I've written that I'm sure people don't even check my blog anymore!! But here goes....

Some of you know that I was an asst coach for the Episcopal Women's Varsity Basketball team this year (which is part of my excuse as to why I haven't been blogging... not a lot of time). Coaching these girls was a lot of fun even though we weren't the most talented team. They were a G.R.E.A.T (gritty, respectful, enthusiastic, accountable, team oriented...our team acronym for the season) bunch of girls who worked hard and made me proud to be a part of that team. My schedule was pretty much insane during the season. We would practice at 330 or 530 so on the days we had early practice I was up before the sun and into work by 6! Any of you who know me, know that's a miracle for me!! :) Not to mention two games a week and other activities involved with the team. Our season ended in a heartbreaker... we lost by 1 point to a team that had beaten us previously pretty soundly twice. We really could've won, we just couldn't pull it off in the end. But the girls played their hearts out and obviously we showed tons of imporvement from the previous times we played Bullis. All in all, I really had a great experience and loved working with Danielle, head coach, my good friend from playing AAU bball as well as the players!

Another new thing in my life is this class that I've been taking. It's called Bikram Yoga and it is incredible! They heat the room to anywhere from 115-120 degrees and you practice yoga for 90 mins. I thought preseason at Western was hard (it was) but doing yoga in a 120 degree room is CRUCIAL!! But it is awesome... I love it and it's really doing a lot for me I can already tell and I've only been doing it for about 2 weeks!

Lastly but not least....I GOT A NEW CAR!! WoootWooot! I got a 2004 Infiniti G35 four door sedan!
Yes, I know I'm breaking every Scott tradition that I was brought up on by 1. getting a new car before the one I currently own is still running 2. getting a car that is not more than a decade old and 3. getting a luxuray car!!! But I love it! It's so cute and fun to drive.... AND... IT HAS A SUNROOF!!! I had to laugh b/c when I talked to Dad about getting a new car he said, don't get one with a sunroof. I said, why? He said b/c their nothing but a problem waiting to happen... I had to laugh b/c I thought to myself, the only sunroof dad has had in his cars is the 1970something volkswagon van, which you had to open manually like you use to roll up a window before power windows! I was like "Dad, of course that caused problems! It was like a hole in the roof, not a sunroof!!" Well dad, sorry I got the sunroof but once you ride in this car, you will agree that the sunroof is well worth the risk ;)

Well, at this point those are the major new things going on in my life! Hopefully I can get better at doing this more often but we'll see. Until next time.... loving life! :)


50 toes said...

welcome back!!!

We missed you. I know what it is like to fall off the blogging bandwagon so there is no judgement from me.

The car looks awesome and you are living life on the edge with the sunroof. :) No, really our last three or four cars have had sunroofs and they have never given us problems. Even in the 96 Jetta that we still own.

JulieMonte said...

welcome back! Monte and I were laughing at your commentary of the sunroof. We laughed even more when I explained the actual sun roof in the VW van. Remember how hard it was to close? It was like a big hole in the roof. Monte hasn't had any probles with his Lexus sun roof. Glad things are going well.

I heard you aren't going to be able to make it down for Easter - bummer. We'll miss you.

Meggo said...

I don't remember the sun roof in the VW van...I do remember the hearter though!

Anonymous said...

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50 toes said...

Happy Birthday!

We hope you have a great day.

The Wells of Morrisville said...

Katie, that yoga sounds so interesting. I'll have to see if they offer classes like that around here. Sounds like you are busy, busy, busy. Loved the expo on the car, esp. your conversation with your dad about the sunroof! Matt and I love our sunroof. Sorry Mr. Scott!!!