Monday, November 10, 2008

Let the Games Begin!!!!!

Today is the day!! Tryouts for the Episcopal Varsity (and JV) team start at 3:30pm sharp this afternoon....

My life, as I know it, for the next 4 months will be immersed with high school basketball, game strategy, boy-crazy girls (I'm talking about my players, not my friends), figuring out how to get my players to take ownership of something bigger than themselves...a team. I loved working with these young ladies last year and I'm hoping for more of the same this year! They are like sponges... and hilarious....(did I mention dramatic and stubborn) at this age. That's what I love about working with them, I get a chance to pour into them and help mold their lives!

I'm excited to see what new blood we get this year and becoming a new team as we practice and grow together! I'm hoping to continue to blog throughout the season even though I'll be as busy as a bee! As for now, I have to get going!!!!!!! Wish me (us) luck!!!


Full of JOY said...

Excuse me. You stole my line! =) And you better believe your friends are so not boy-crazy! Can't wait to see those girls/you in action! Fun times!

dubbe said...

I know that you are an awesome coach! I bet those girls just love you. You're a great challenge in so many ways.
PS: Like those girls, I am a sponge as well. While they soak up knowledge and tips from you, I soak up water in the pool, and sink. :D