Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I like how.....

.....it took my 10 minutes to sign into my blogspot because the top of it is in Arabic and I couldn't read where the sign in button was.  I kept trying the top right where I "remembered" it being, but alas, it's at the top left here in Iraq.  Weird.  
  So I am here, in Iraq.  But not quite at my final destination.  I'm in Balad and should be flying out to Camp Speicher tomorrow afternoon.  Needless to say I've been doing a lot of waiting for my flights in order to get to where I'm going.  But it's ok, I'm learning patience!  I waited yesterday/last night from 2:30pm to 12:30am to get on a helicopter to my Speicher only to find out that was a no go and I had to wait until today (which didn't happen either btw).  So SGT King (a fellow Air Force MWR worker) hooked me up with a single "wet" CHU for the night (turning out to be two nights)... but let me just tell you when I found out just exactly what a "wet" CHU was, I about wet my pants!  I had a trailer to myself that shares a bathroom with someone on the other side!!!  Glory, Hallelujah!!!  I have taken TWO, count 'em, TWO showers today!  I feel like a million bucks!  
The weather is beautiful here right now... I'm sure I won't be saying that in a month or so but right now it's in the mid 60s with no humidity...clear as can be!  I've been outside a lot today, just walking around taking it all in.  I'm in IRAQ, people.  CRAZY!  I got a work out in b/c they told me I wouldn't be flying out today so there was no sense in waiting ALL DAY in the hangar like the prior two days.  Traveling in Iraq is definitely a little more complicated than in the States. Shocker.  
Last night when I was walking from the DFAC (dining facility), I had to laugh at myself when my half-empty gatorade bottle dropped out of my backpack and hit right next to my feet... I heard the noise jumped and then took cover... a little paranoid, ya think?  I looked around and saw that it was my hollow bottle that startled me and not an explosion.  Thankfully no one was around but I couldn't help but be embarrassed that I'm so jumpy.  Having choppers and C-130s landing all around can make one a little antsy I guess.  I'll get use to it eventually, I suppose.
I'm sitting here at the outside internet cafe in the middle of the food court (BK, Pizza Hut, Subway, Cinnabon and Seattle's Best Coffee), so I'm feeling right at home for the moment! lol. Kind of.  But I miss all of you already and have loved hearing from you when I get a chance to open my email or facebook account!  Thanks for writing.  Hopefully I'll be in Tikrit (Camp Speicher) by tomorrow and will be able to download some pictures to put on here!  I'm gonna go eat so I'm outta here for now!  :D 


Carrie said...

wow katie! thanks for blogging and please keep it up! so glad you are safe and staying positive. can't wait to hear more about the rest of your adventures! :)

tdcoon said...

We miss ya GRRRRRIIIIIILLLLLLL!!! Wow, what memories!!! You will have fond memories of a CHU!!! It's amazing what we take for granted, like a bathroom...and then we you don't have it, ARRRGHGH!!! Just remember to keep your head down and eyes open.


Miss ya sweetie!

60 toes said...

Glad you made it safely and we are looking forward to hear about your adventures.

Full of JOY said...

I freaking can NOT imagine! This is just CRAZY GIRL!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! =)