Thursday, January 28, 2010

Me Time - Commuting in Northern VA

Everyday it happens. I get in my car, plug in my ipod, start my car and begin my morning commute. And I've gotten quite use to my 40-60 minute commute. Here's why. If you would've told me 4 years ago that I was going to be commuting at least an hour and a half daily to and from work, I would've told you to kick rocks. 90 minutes in a car EVERY DAY....ludacris. But alas, I have come to not just tolerate this time of the day but really enjoy it.... well, other than the fact that on the way to work it's morning time, and I hate mornings. Coffee anyone?? mmmm.

Now I know MOST of you are thinking I'm nuts or just a pathological liar. But I'm niether of the two. Here's why. This obligatory tires-to-road time that I have been doing for the past four years, some how morphed into what I like to call me time. I'm not sure how or when this happened, but it did. Now there are days, like last Wednesday that I imagine my car is an MRAP so I can just drive over cars in order to get home, but that was more because I needed to be somewhere and everyone in VA must have drank something that made them forget how to merge with out coming to a complete stop, making sure the wind was blowing at the right speed and that they color coordinated with the cars that were already on the interstate. You get the picture. But most days, I enjoy sitting in my car, sippin' on some really sweet coffee, letting the music playing from my ipod move me or take me back through time or be the background to my solo my car. This happens frequently so I'm not sure I can call it my debut anymore. Sometimes I wonder if the people driving around me feel the need to call the police but I just don't care... it's MY me time and I'll do whatever I like! I'm not making them pay to watch me, so get over it people!

It's funny because I hardly blink anymore when someone cuts across four lanes right in front of me, slams on their brakes, making me slam on mine, spill my coffee AND my purse, only to decide they don't want to turn right anymore so they get back over in the other lane and they don't even throw up a shameful "my bad" wave after all the havoc they just created. At least they used their blinker....after the fact. *sigh* As soon as my heart crawls out of my stomach and I regain feeling in my legs, I fall back into the immersion of my music and all is forgiven. It's almost theraputic, as strange as that sounds.


edited 2/25/2010

Okay, so I wrote this blog at the end of January... before the insane snow storms of 2010. I, and the other commuters in NOVA must've been having a few good weeks when I wrote this because I now must add to this blog by saying, the initial post CAN be true SOME of the time....But not ALL of the time. Not 1. on the days that something is bothering me. And not 2. on the days that my heart is aching for a good reason or no reason at all (see #3)... or 3. on the days that I'm PMS'ing. On these days, it seems that just the littlest indiscretion of even a minor traffic law can make me want to run my little car up into the trunk of the culprits unsuspecting car. Is that wrong??

So there is the adendum to my commuting bliss (some days) as I travel all over the Northern VA/DC area!

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