Friday, February 26, 2010

In case you were wondering....

Currently I am....


The Olympics (Duh)
But more specifically Apolo Ohno!!! (I'm taking up speed skating starting Monday, they just look so cool in those suits. Maybe I should rethink the suit idea ... for everyone's sake)


Potato Skins (yes, that's it and yes, that's dinner)

*Listening to*

You've Been So Faithful (yes, it's true... even though sometimes I forget and don't trust)
Pieces of Me (By Ashlee Simpson. What can I say? It's my jam)
Save the Last Dance for Me (remind me again, who am I saving this dance for?)


Much better (after processing through some things with my good friend Carrie)
Patriotic (U! S! A! Let's go!!!!!)
Stressed (Watching them try to pass someone makes me so tense b/c I actually do it with them while their racing... be quiet, you probably do it too)
Disappointed (Apolo Ohno just got disqualified...Good try dude)

*Looking forward to*

A Clean House (this weekend will partially be dedicated to that)
Sleep (this is nothing new)
QT with Abby and other friends this weekend (coffee and pancakes and other sorts of shananegans)
Shayla moving in (do YOU have a friend that can act 12 with you at the drop of a dime?? I do)


Are those suits (speed skating) hard to get on? (I really want one, I feel like it'd be slimming)
Is it too late to find a sport and start training for the next Olympics? (I have the eye of the tiger)
Is it the speed skating that makes the bubble butt or the bubble butt that makes the speed skater? (seriously... have you seen their bubble butts?! I think I found my sport!)

Until next time.....


Full of JOY said...

It is hilarious that you're loving those suits so much! I think I'd be mortified to be caught in one of those things in public!! Yay for pancakes and coffee! =)

amy said...

you make me laugh, sis! I love you! Where was seeing your cutest nephew on the list?

Kimi said...

o.m.g. this was the funniest thing ever. lots o gems in this one. i hope the suit makes the bubble butt because i need one!