Tuesday, August 14, 2012

365 days later_words

I just happened stumble upon my blog (I'm surprised I can still find it after a bit of a hiatus), and realized that today is the exact day that my dad and I left Virginia last year and headed for Colorado.  Is that really possible?  A YEAR has gone by already? *gulp* Where in the world did the time go?  You can blame my blog neglect on a myriad of reasons varying from school, school work, internship, school, homework, internship, school.... you get the point.  I'm kind of in shock right now, so give me a second to wrap my brain around this realization and then maybe write a few things I've learned in Colorado......

I've learned ......

  1. Well, for one thing, I learned that being a graduate student in an accelerated program is not conducive to becoming a more consistent blogger - although writing has always been cathartic for me, it is the LAST thing I want to do when I have a free moment second to do something other than school work.
  2. .... that I am much better at finding my way around when there is a HUGE landmark, such as a mountain, that is always to the West of me... none of those stupid round-abouts that just mess with my internal compass and get me to anywhere other than where I want to go.
  3. .... you I (my schooling has taught me about the importance of I statements too) DO need air conditioning in Colorado Springs which is contrary to what everyone said when I moved out here!
  4. .... I love dry weather compared to humidity, and so does my hair.
  5. .... it's okay to give myself grace.
  6. .... I am not a winter sportswoman - I gave it a shot, but ended up "sledding" down the mountain bunny slopes on my snowboard.  But I do absolutely LOVE the scenery around here.
  7. .... patience. WELL, I haven't really learned it but God is teaching me patience as per usual (I told Him that I got it down, I can even wait 5 minutes)!   :)
  8. .... there is a story behind every action. #dontbesoquicktojudge (I also learned about hashtags)
  9. .... being vulnerable is necessary in love; it's hard but worth the risk (and I couldn't have picked a better man to take that risk with. I love you, Larry!)
  10. .... I actually DO like hiking, it was the humidity I hated!  I still haven't done the Incline yet, but it's on my Colorado bucket list!
Here are a couple glimpses of my first year in Colorado (and all over)

Leaving VA
First trip to Garden of the Gods
The Campbells came to visit (and another trip to Garden of the Gods)
Hanging with the Watkins crew over Fall break!
Good friends, good times, memories for a lifetime
Christmas in SC - Hanging with my favorite lil' guy
Thailand... no caption necessary
New Years with Meggo and Jess
Surprises! :)
Fun times
Final Four with my ladies!
San Diego

Spring Weddings 
Chicago for a Birthday surprise! 
...and more sunsets

Scott girls :) at Meggo and Jess' wedding

What a fantastic year!


Megan said...

Love it! Glad you started blogging again! Miss you heffa! :)

Full of JOY said...

WOW! Hottie in the red dress!! Ow ow!! Miss you, girl.