Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Something New _Picture a Day 2013

Well, here is my attempt at starting over with my blog.  While I really, REALLY wanted to be a more consistent blogger in 2012, it just didn't happen.  If anything, I'd say I became LESS consistent, so this year I've decided that I need a theme to help keep me posting.  Obviously updating a picture a day is a bit over zealous but I have decided to take a picture a day and then upload them weekly or bi-weekly to be sort of a photographic journal of 2013 for me!  We'll see how it goes.  Here's to 2013 and what it brings!!

Jan1 - Happy New Year!!  Spent a wonderful evening in Atlanta with Larry, cooking one of our favorite meals, talking for hours and celebrating the past and the future together!
Jan2 - Back in Colorado.  Meggo and Jess introduced us to an amazing Korean restaurant in Aurora, CO
Jan3 - Sister bonding in the Springs
Jan4 - Of course, we had to make it to the Garden of the Gods
Jan5 - The Rabbit Hole is a must when visiting Colorado Springs
Jan6 - Skins are in the Playoffs!  But not for long... Sad day. 
Jan7 - Justin Bieber concert.  Need I say more!?! 
Jan8 - My block arrived today!
Jan9 - Apparently my step count is lacking on internship days (that's 2,385 out of goal of 10,000)

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