Monday, January 28, 2013

Picture a Day 2013: Jan 21-28

Whew!  For whatever reason, well I know the reason but I won't mention it on here, this past week has been exhausting.  SUPER EXHAUSTING. But I still got my pictures taken, and now I'm getting around to posting them (yeah yeah, I know it's Monday...I'm trying #givemeabreak).

Jan 21: The fortune says it all ;)
Jan 22: Let the homework begin...*sigh* 
Jan 23: Pretty flowers (roommate got them for her birthday)
Jan 24: Pinterest meal and wine with my love!
Jan 25: Roommie made "cookie in a mug" while we watched Grey's Anatomy
Jan 26: Korean BBQ in after spending time with some friends whose little girl turned 1! 
Jan 27: Rough day for somebody's (I won't name names) toe!  OUCH!
Jan 28: In effort to get back in shape, stepping on the scale (which isn't working yet) to keep track of the progress.

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Megan Kuemmerlin said...

first of all...sick toe. Second, our scale isn't working either. And I lost my fit bit...well it's somewhere in our apartment. ugh.