Friday, January 18, 2013

Justin Bieber #dontjudge

Some of you already know... Who am I kidding?  If you're reading this blog, then you know that my amazing boyfriend took me to see Justin Bieber in Denver our first week back from the Christmas and New Year holiday.  It. Was. Awesome.  I don't care what anybody thinks or says, we had a great time (and yes, WE is the correct word).  All I can say is, my man loves me!  There were two girls who came together sitting next to us who were probably in their mid twenties.  They kept staring at Larry with eyes that screamed, "You are the most thoughtful man in the world. I wish my husband was here with me, HAVING A GOOD TIME."  By the middle of the concert I heard telling Larry how she had bought her tickets and her husband told her that she better find somebody to go with her.  I looked at Larry and smiled.  He really is so so good to me.  Not only did he surprise me with the tickets, but he missed the BCS Championship game to go with me (granted, it was a horrible game), AND he didn't complain once (he may have shed a tear when he realized the two events were conflicting, but that's what DVR is for, right?!).  All that to say, he makes my heart full and I am so thankful that God saw fit to place this amazing man in my life!

Now, onto the concert....  The Biebs is a performer, that's all I can say.  His show was over the top and I was entertained the entire night.  I never went to a Michael Jackson concert but I feel like it was probably similar as far as lights, fireworks, dancers, girls screaming (the ENTIRE show) and extreme talent (again, don't judge me.... not until you've seen him in concert).  He did not disappoint. This concert will be a night I will always remember for so many different reasons.... the main one being it was a celebration of our year anniversary and a true display of selfless love by the man I love!!

LOL... See how excited he was!?! 
None of these pics do the actual moment justice
My love and me waiting for the Biebs to come out!
This contraption took him all around the arena while he played one of my favorite songs!
We had amazing seats!!  He was right in front of us!
He must've changed outfits 10 times
One of my favorite pics of the night
He did it all!
Believe ;) 
This video is kind of long (the first minute or so is just little girls screaming), but I wanted you to see how much of a production this was, especially his opening!  CRAZY!

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Kimi said...

Oh man, Larry does love you!! Forget about Justin Biebs, you guys are adorbs! Miss you!