Sunday, January 20, 2013

Picture a Day 2013: Jan 15-20

First of all, Happy birthday to my amazingly crafty, strong, and loving sister, Julie!!  I wish we lived closer so we could celebrate these special occasions in person.  But for now, a shout out on my blog will have to do! :)  I love you and hope this next year brings blessings, health, and provision! 

Onto my pictures... This week I started school, so I have my internship, class, and homework, which means little time for creative pictures.  I guess it still gives you an idea of what my week was like!  I only have about a month left of my internship and, of course, I started thinking that maybe I should take some photography classes to fill my "free" time.  (side note, when you are a Grad student, free time should not exists because it should be used doing homework)

Jan 15: First day of class, I come home to this... the snuggie monster!
Jan 16: My view on my way to the doctor one morning this week... I just never get sick of it!
Jan 17: Found the new sculpture in the Springs while walking with Carrie after a fun lunch date!
Jan 18: Not only has school started.... Operation: Get in Shape has too!
Jan 19: Chocolate cake at Tucanos to celebrate Heather's Bday a little bit early!
Jan 20: And why wouldn't she get pepper spray as a birthday gift!?

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