Monday, June 11, 2007

Summer time!

Okay, so I don't look nearly as cute as little Ainsley (my niece) in a little two piece swim suit so I'll spare you guys the scariness of it and just write a little about my trip to the pool. This pool that we (Carrie, Sarah and Mom) went to was awesome! It has a huge slide, and by huge I mean, they should be charging us water park admission fees huge, and it has a one meter diving board (so fun)! Where were these type pools when I was growing up. I mean don't get me wrong, I lived at the pool (just ask Charlotte) when I was little and if it had a slide like this one I probably would've never seen mom and dad, even for meals. lol. But anyway, we all decided to take a venture down the slide (yes, even mom). I felt like a kid again. Running up the stairs to wait in line for my turn to rip down that slide! Sweet! I learned quickly that crossing my arms would prove to be appropriate as the first time I splashed into the pool I would not have been considered "G-rated" if you catch my drift! So I situated myself under water and was ready to hurry up and wait in the line at the top of the stairs! What fun... I remember going to Cameron Run Waterpark a few times a summer and the memories we created there were endless. Anyways, this was just a quick blog in remembrance of being a kid during the summer time. Cheers to all of you who can act like you're a kid again and hit the pools daily during the summer. Think of me, while you're out catching some rays and I'm sitting here in my kind of pinkish cubicle. Who decides on pink for a cubicle?!


Meggo said...

come on let's be would have come home for meals! haha...just kiddin...i guess i'm just thinkin i wouldn't!!!

charadam said...

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