Friday, December 5, 2008

Fantastic Fridays - New gadget

It's Friday, and it's been a while since I've blogged on a fantastic Friday... or at least it feels like it's been a while. Last Friday I was with the fam down in SC and it was a lot of fun... here are a few pics from the week down there....

At the dock so Cooper could take a dip in the lake...

Poppy and Laura

Grammy and Andrew

The whole gang

While I was down in SC, we went to the Verizon Wireless store. I ordered my new Blackberry Storm and I just received it last night!!! Wooo hooo! That's pretty fantastic if you ask me. I'm realizing that I have a little bit of figuring out to do in order to be able to use all the functions and capabilities this thing has. It's amazing! I feel like I have a hand held computer... which I basically do. I'm slowly figuring it out... but if anyone has a "Crackberry," as users often refer to it, and has some tips... I'm all ears!

Today I will be figuring this wonderful little device out... I've been waiting for it to come out. And it has finally arrived... That makes today, a Fantastic Friday!!! :)


Heather said...

I am absolutely amazed by today's technology... I'm still figuring out all the buttons on my very basic cell phone, lol, so no help here. It sure looks fun, though :)

Hope you have a super weekend! Sure looks like you guys had a great time down south-- it's so neat when *everybody* gets together... a true blessing!

David and Amy said...

Good luck Gadget-girl! I don't have any expertise on the Crackberry but can help if needed