Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wordless Wednesdays - I think not

There are too many words to be spoken today, so I'm scratching it in order to celebrate someone very special....

My MOM!! 61 years ago, God gave Gus and Jean Swanson their first little girl. I'm sure from the start they knew what a blessing she was but I bet they didn't know that she would be such a blessing to so many other people as she's walked through life. I think of different stories -the nerdy boys from hs that came up to her at her reunion and said "you were always so nice to us even though you were popular" or making dinner for a sick mother, the list goes on - that I've heard throughout the years about Mom going out of her way to make someone know they matter and I want to make sure on her birthday that she knows just how much SHE matters!

I hope you know just how amazing you really are, Mom. I can't imagine it was ever an easy task organizing 5 kid's schedules, being the head of whatever mom's clubs they had when we were growing up, cooking, cleaning, creating a loving environment for us to grow and having some kind of time for yourself to keep you sane. Oh yeah, I forgot, you too often put what you needed to the side in order to make sure everyone else had what they needed.... you still do! Of course I know part of what kept you sane was seeing us kids happy and growing, but come on a girl needs a break sometimes. And you've served your time as loving soccer, awana, and marthat stewart mom who never got a second for herself to breathe.... As we grew older, you and Dad continued to impressed the value of walking with our Creator as you had when we were little. Whether you were telling us or showing us with the way you lived your lives, it was obvious that God was the center of your life. That's probably the most important thing you could've ever done for any of us. Sure there have been hard times at different moments, but what's remained constant has been your devotion to God and yeilding to what is true.
Mom, you are so much fun! You crack me up whenever your precious Huskers are playing... What 60 year old woman knows every players full name, where they are from, what position they play and their favorite color?! Seriously. I'll never forget Marcus walking out of the bathroom at the house in VA saying, "Do you guys know Baret Rudd?" "No, why do you ask?" Marcus- "Well because there's a news paper clipping of him on the back of the bathroom door!" LOL!!!!!! I love the stories I've heard of you and dad starting a new chapter in your life down in SC. You make me laugh so hard sometimes. But please, no more laughing at dad when he falls down the side of the road picking up trash that fell out of the car... I just laughed out loud, literally, thinking about that story.

Mom and her man! (at a Huskers game of course)

Mom having fun!! She does a mean hula hoop!!

So today I just want you to know that you make a difference in my life, Mom. Whether you're making me laugh, challenging me, driving me crazy, teaching me something or just being my friend.... I couldn't imagine my life without you! Thank you for loving me so much, I am who I am because of you (and Dad). Happy birthday to you Mom! I'm thankful God knew to make me your daughter! He is so good :)

Mom and I just hangin out A loyal fan for life

I love you DESPERATELY, Mom....

Kate the great :)

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