Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year... Good Day and Good night!!

For some reason I seem to remember it taking FOREVER for Christmas to come. I could NOT wait for Christmas time. Once Thanksgiving came, there weren't many nights that I went to bed and fell straight to sleep. Visions of Transformers, GI Joes (WHAT?! I was a tomboy) and whatever the new toy out that year was, dance through my head non-stop. I'm honestly not sure when I stopped believing in Santa but I loved the idea of him and the excitement that lingered in the air during the Christmas season. Yes, I knew that Jesus was the real reason for Christmas, but come on I was a kid.... I still got excited about toys and new stuff! Christmas came and went BUT at the end of it all I had lots of new and fantabulous toys to play with so I wasn't really all that upset about the actual day ending. Plus! I was still on vacation for another week...what's so bad about that?

Fast forward to now... As of a week ago, the only reason that I could remember that Thanksgiving had come and gone was because it's hard to forget a 9 hour drive and a week spent with family. But other than that, I feel like I just got back from the Dominican (July) and am wondering where all the days went in between July and December. I got to go down to SC again to visit my parents and spend Christmas with most of my family. Love it! Going to Mom and Dad's house always brings back nostalgic feelings of Christmas time as well as an overwhelming sense of inadequacy. Mom redefines the phrase decorating for Christmas. It's like the freakin Cracker Barrel at our house during Christmas time.... I LOVE it and wouldn't feel like it was Christmas if there wasn't greenery, lights, santas, and some new home-made Christmas decor (she's like Martha Stewart, seriously) in EVERY (and I mean that) nook and cranny throughout the house. But I must admit, it makes me wonder if I really did come from this woman's womb.... my Christmas decorating consisted of strategically placing a nutcracker and a family of snowmen on my mantel. I tried counting Santas one time, but stopped at like 150 or so because all the shinny lights were making me dizzy.

For some reason a week of staying up late and sleeping in even later seems to have more repercussions now than it did when I was a kid (doh!). Christmas came and went and now I have to actually go back to work BEFORE New Years and am wondering how I'm going to get up before 8 tomorrow morning. It's almost 2009 for goodness sakes and I haven't even thought about possible resolutions. I need a pause button so I can take a day or two to reflect on 2008. I'm afraid if I blink too long, I'll open my eyes and it'll be 2010 without me even realizing that we're in a new decade.

For now, I guess I'll take one day at a time and try to make some sort of resolution for 2009 (stop and smell the roses? stop hurrying my way through life?, I need something I can measure... give me some time, I'll think of something) by the end of this year. Maybe. Christmas came and went too fast again this year but I'm starting to realize that's how life goes. I'll just have to remember that and soak up every drop of it while I can. My day is going to come early tomorrow, so as Ainsley (my niece) would say, "GOOD DAY!!! and GOOD NIGHT!!!" She picked that up from Johnny Depp, in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Nice. She is so darn cute when she says it, I just had to give her a shout out!

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