Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I like how.....

....I just had the week from hell....Got back to Speicher exhausted....Went to play basketball after work but the court was closed due to volleyball (VOLLEYBALL?!), so I ran instead and had to walk home from the gym only to get caught in a sandstorm, literally... But can't stop smiling and because I got to see and talk to Mom, Dad, Amy, David, Julie, Beckham, Ainsley and Megan on gmail's video chat tonight :D

That's enough for tonight. I should've been in bed two hours ago... But somethings are worth staying losing sleep over! I love you guys! Thanks for chatting. It made my day!!

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Mom said...

Katie, Although our connection was not good enough to follow a complete sentence without guessing three quarters of the words, I loved hearing your voice and seeing your adorable face. Thanks for taking your sleep time to give us a glance into your world and the amazing job you are doing. Love you desperately. Mom