Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson...


...died today.  It's one of those things that I think I'll probably remember every moment of the minute I found out.  Not that I was a fanatic until the day he died but he was such an icon of my generations history.  I loved his music that he produced.  He was a showman like no other.  Sure he was weird and misunderstood, and no one quite knows what went on in his private life.   Do you think you wouldn't get driven to crazy if a BILLION people knew your name and felt like it was their right to disect your life and point out every flaw you had?  My guess is we all might be a little "crazy" if we were in Michael's shoes.  I'm not defending or supporting anything about his private life.  Honestly I don't know what he did behind closed doors.  But I do know his music brings so many fond memories to my mind and today I am sad that he is no longer here.  This entry won't be long, I just wanted to jot a little something down to remember the day we lost the King of Pop.  There will never be another quite like him.... he has left some big patent leather shoes to fill.  

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