Monday, January 10, 2011

A list was in order...

Mildly productive. That's how I would define my night tonight. Finished some chores around the house, got my mail (gasp), opened it (say what!?!), went grocery shopping, dropped a few things by the Campbell's place, snuck in a few giggles and books with Matthew, and most importantly I made a list.

This week has already been incredibly overwhelming for me, starting with another night where my body wanted rest but my mind was so not having it. I swear there are nights my mind races like it were competing against the Kenyans in an Olympic marathon.... and my mind is winning. I just start thinking of all of the things that need to be done and then my mind explodes because, well, where do I start....And that's why tonight was productive. I have narrowed my spectrum a little. Right now. For the next few weeks, my goal is to be packed up and moved into Casa a la Campbell and EZStorage. That's it. Not to fix up the condo, have it rented out, apply to 5 schools, take the GRE, get into 5 schools, decide what I'm doing come summer time when my job relocates, name my future children, cure cancer and feed the hungry by February. Simply, pack. and. Move. The rest will come in it's time. So with my brain dump and now clearly focused on JUST packing and moving out, I can make a list that looks somewhat attainable and it won't make me some kind of crazy woman who may just very well lose it if one more school makes it like a game of finding Waldo to figure out their application deadline on their website. Hint: BOLD letters "Fall Semester application due date: xxxxx" I HATE FINDING freakin' WALDO. Why are you lost all the time anyway, Mr. Waldo?? Don't push me....but I digress. Maybe you can relate or maybe I'm weird (probably) but if I don't have my 'search' narrowed down, I am ALL OVER the map and my mind will not let me rest.

So here's my list:
1. Get packing paper
2. Pack out kitchen and laundry room
3. Take down, wrap, pack all frames/artwork
4. Call Good Will to pick up give aways
5. Work on desk and organizing documents
6. Organize a moving crew (hopefully friends) when close to finishing packing - goal 29/30 Jan
7. Pack up clothes and remaining room items
8. MOVE - storage/casa a la Campbell
9. Clean and figure out what needs to be fixed

*10. (b/c you can't stop a list at 9) pop cork, feet up, glass of red wine in hot tub a la Campbell!

Well, it's a start... We'll see how it goes. Is anyone watching this game?!? Holy cow... a great BCS Championship game as far as making it competitive! Good night all...


Kimi said...

Are the Campbells your sister's family? And what state is this in again? I can't wait until you get to #10!! So you're going back to school? Oh man, we need to catch up!!!

David and Amy said...

well said! one thing at a time is hard to do but is critical. BTW Matthew wants you out of there ASAP as it seems each night (as per tonite) he's going to be calling for you at the front door "Aunt" "Aunt" :) Looking forward to the red wine Victory day!

Full of JOY said...

We will help you move!!