Monday, January 3, 2011

Cheers to you 2010... here I come 2011...

.... as if you were waiting on me.

I suppose I should put something up here about the fact that somehow the 2000's* have passed me by in what was seemingly nothing more than a long exhale after a deep breath and that I'm ready for 2011 to give me it's best shot. And that would be true. I'm excited for 2011 and where it will take me as I put one foot in front of the other. But I need to know if I'm the only one that is in disbelief that it is ALREADY 2011?? I mean I'm still bumpin' Outkast, J-Lo (don't judge me), and Ashlee Simpson's 'Pieces of Me' when I feel like rolling back the sun roof and belting out a few songs that I know ALL the words to. I'm not sure I should've admitted that, but it's true. The point of me telling you that (other than the fact that yes, sometimes I listen to bad music if it puts me in a good mood) embarrassing fact is that time is a movin' and it's not stopping! So here are a few moments from 2010 that I have conjured together and will post on here in case my memory goes quicker than it should, I will have something to remember at least snap shots of 2010. Because honestly, if I were to try and tell you about my 2009, I'd have to look through my facebook albums to 'remember' where I was and what I did that year...

Feb 2010:
My first real vacation to Hawaii (other than a bball tourney). I got to hang with Melissa, surfed (kind of), had the best shaved ice I've ever had, laughed, ate and laughed some more, saw some whales, got to see Melissa preggers, got our toes done, saw Hawaii rainbows and laughed some more... then got to visit with some of the friends I made while over in Iraq. Decided I need to make it back there before 2012. oh and how could I forget the Blizzard of 2010?! Enjoyed a few snow days as all of the metro area closed down due to 36'' plus of snow! We had a ball!

April 2010:
Girls weekend in Miami with Hamm, J and Ashley. Relaxed, laughed a LOT, girl talk, had some fruity drinks, saw Jeremy and Sofia, romped around Miami for a night or two (I could never live in that city, we ate dinner at nearly 9 or 10pm every night), hung out at the pool, hung out at the beach, girl talk and more fun. THEN I went to San Diego for Chief and Melissa's wedding... (I'm starting to see a theme for 2010- travel, friends and beach destinations) which of course was like a mini reunion in getting to see some of my peeps from my time in Annapolis. And we all know how fun that always is... nothing but laughter and good times, especially when celebrating a marriage!

June 2010:
Surgery. um... yeah, I don't have much to say about it being that I'm still not fully recovered. Next time, I'll opt for more rehab.

Summer 2010:
Filled with lake house fun when my cousins came to visit, Megan came back from China for a short stay, almost the whole family was there and it floods my heart with sappy songs like "through the years" and "that's what friends are for."

Fall 2010
My trip to NY....  got to celebrate wedding nuptials with one of my favorite couples, Carrie and Sean, in one of my favorite cities. I loved it so much I came back the next month to visit Janetta and JJ... met up with another friend from college and realized just how fast time has flown. Amy and David Preggers!!! - My roommie moved out. Sad. Day.

More lake house and family gatherings which lent time for us to catch up, play, watch football, eat... a lot, play some more and just hang out as a family.

December 2010:
Christmas in VA! Mom and Dad's surprise 40th anniversary party. Celebration of their love and commitment with old friends! lots of cookies. Matthew growing up way too fast.

Well these are just a few things that stuck out to me... 2010, you were a fun but trying year. You exposed me in more ways than I was ready for but in that helped refine me and showed me more of who I am... Flawed and messy. Redeemed and loved. So 2011, I'm pretty sure I have not a clue what you have up your sleeve but whatever it is I'm praying it leads me to more truth and more of Him. Cheers!

*and yes, I realize that TECHNICALLY the 2000's passed me by last year... EXACTLY MY POINT.

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