Monday, January 24, 2011

One day at a time...

For those of you that saw my list, you will be happy to know I am on schedule and almost EVERYTHING on my list can be. checked. off. I have some very tired, sore and pretty amazing friends that came out this past weekend to help me MOVE OUT! I did take one or two pictures but the frigged weather made sure I kept my gloves on and well, it's just hard to take pictures with gloves on your hands.

Can I just say that moving stinks? It really does. And moving when it's 12 degrees outside stinks more. When I say it was cold outside, that is not an understatement. We're talking, steam coming off Chief and Jon's heads because they were hot....the air was not. Did I mention they were sweating? Yes, they were the first two guys there and after a few overwhelming moments, I sheepishly (not really) put them to work. And... they. were. awesome. They both admitted half way through that maybe the idea of working out prior to helping me move (really?! What the heck?) was a bad idea. Seriously though, I am so grateful for them and the rest of the crew that came out! I couldn't have done it without them.... I loved watching David and Chuck strategically figure out where things should go in the storage truck/unit as it seemed that more things began to appear out of no where... How on earth did I collect so much stuff and where has it been hiding?! It's like it started crawling out of the crevices as I started to pack.... Brittany and Julie were good for helping me figure out what I "needed" to keep or not. At one point I was like, "ooooh there are those dumbells that I haven't ever used....I should pack those so I start using them." lol. Needless to say, they were put in the goodwill pile (that took up practically the whole dining room....nice). Abby helped me fend for my stuff at times, until she got relegated to the kitchen (sad face) to finish some of the packing that I hadn't been able to get to... Thanks Abs!

Note to self... always go with the bigger truck. I horribly underestimated the amount of space my valuables (junk) would take up and we ended up having to make two trips.... second trip lacked a little motivation... but we got it done. Most of it at least. We dropped the second load at Amy and David's then booked it to Ledo's Pizza before we all passed out. Second note to self, don't underestimate time or the necessity of eating prior to a serious move day. We were all STARVING... some of us hadn't eaten since breakfast (eh hem) and we ordered something like 5 pizzas. ha. We didn't eat them all but, it sounded doable when we ordered!

Thanks to my wonderful friends who sacrificed their Saturday to help me out! I am so grateful (why isn't that word spelled like GREAT? ugh) for your kind service and friendships! :) I only have 7 (partial), 9, and 10 left to do on my list and you guys are all to thank for that!

(pictures to come....)


Kimi said...

am i going to ever see you again??????

Alpha Za said...

odd, I've always booked a truck too big. Boy vs. Girl problem I assume.

Full of JOY said...

It was a FUN day!! That pizza was absolutely fantastic! And YES I secretly snuck ALL of the pictures and letters from you fridge into a box!!!! =)