Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm a disappointment to the blogging world

So remember a month or two ago when I concocted a way to start blogging more regularly, called "Fantastic Fridays?" Well, it worked. Kind of. But yes, last Friday I disappointed all of you (all 7 of you who loyally read when I finally sit down and write). Okay, so maybe disappointed is a bit too strong of a word and maybe no one even noticed. But I will say that I was getting into the Fantastic Fridays and my efforts to be a more frequent blogger. And I like to think that my readers (again, all 7 of you) enjoy being kept up to date as to the goings-on of this 29 year old chick, who in my opinion has been given a pretty fantastic life! :) So in attempt to reconcile any broken relationship through my neglect of this past "Fantastic Friday" post, I will update you on my trip to the Dominican (which p.s.- that is why I didn't blog so you can't be too upset about it... I had no internet!) and post some pictures!

Most of you know that I went to the Dominican from July 4-9th this past week. The trip started early early morning, way earlier than I ever dream about getting up but we wanted to get there and hit the beach as early as possible! Once we finally rallied and got to the airport, we were like little kids waiting for Christmas! We finally got through all the hustle and bustle of security checks and were ready to fly. I'm realizing if I give you a play by play of our trip, this could be a considerably long post so I'm changing directions. Fast forward. We arrived in Santo Domingo, took a shuttle/van (?) to the resort and were on the beach as soon as we were checked in (check-in process was complete chaos, but we survived).

The beach was awesome and the resort was better than I expected. I got a little nervous right before we left because I read a few bad reviews. But I was pleasantly surprised with the resort as a whole! PTL! The average day for us went something like this: Wake up regime, whatever that was for each person (work out, read, journal, shower, roll over and out of bed), and then we'd head to breakfast. Then we'd hit the pools or the beach for a few solid hours (volleyball, kayaks, vendors, pictures, reading, ipods, and of course catching some rays). Next it was lunch time. Then we'd go back out into the scorching sun to try and see if we could get as dark as the natives. Some would nap in their room, some (megan) would nap outside, but altogether it was just more time to relax and hang out together. Depending on the day, we'd head back to our rooms to rest and get ready for dinner. After dinner there would be a show and then we would head to the "DiscoTeca," for a few drinks, socializing and a lot of dancing! I learned how to Meringue!!

All in all, it was a FANTASTIC trip and there has already been chatter about next year's trip as to what it may hold. Jamaica? Cruise somewhere exotic? Who knows... But I am in whatever the trip may be! We had such a great time and really were able to just relax as most of us were completely disconnected from our lives back here at home. I got to spend quality time with some great people that are very dear to me, and if we had been back here, our every day schedules would have most likely interrupted or cut short the time that we were able to share!

Here are some more pics from our trip to the Dominican... I'll post of few of the funny stories from the week when I get a chance!

The girls on the 4th of July ready for dinner!

Snack bar and drinks... 1st day.

Group shot after dinner

One of the many good laughs we had...

Last day. Adios Amigos!!!


Meggo said...

really you had to put the picture of me sleeping up?!

Carrie said...

The trip looks so fun. I wish I could have made it! Next year!!!