Thursday, July 3, 2008

Want not, waste not.... Five Guys Classic

Especially when it comes to food. But last night I should've surrendered to the French Fries hailing from Idaho at Five Guys. You see, Dad was in town and called earlier that day to see if I wanted to go to dinner. I told him that I for sure would meet up with him but was going to work out before we met. So I ran for 15 mins and then swam for about the same. Not really a tough work out but I figured I'd get something light for dinner and then call it a night. WELL, when Dad and I met up I asked him where he wanted to go and gave him a few options. He didn't want to go anywhere "fancy" so I gave him some alternative options and we ended up on our way to Five Guys! We decided to share a regular fries, in hopes that would give our arteries a break and attempt to keep me in some kind of swim suit shape being that I'm headed to the Dominican Republic tomorrow! But alas, I think the fry guy took a fancy to me or he was just trying to get rid of all the fries at the end of the night b/c he literally filled our bag to the brim with french fries. He winked at me and said, "They from Idaho," with a thick spanish accent and a smile on his face (like that makes it okay to eat them all or something). Now I'm sure he was thinking he was doing me a favor and giving me a little extra indulgence to top off my night. But what he didn't realize was he was really stirring up conflict.

As I opened the bag and saw the ungodly amount of french fries that were in this bag, I thought to myself "if we eat all these fries, 1. we are liable to keel over right here in this establishment, 2. we are pigs, 3. we are gross, 4. I'll have to work out tonight (again). " So it was settled. There was no way we could or should finish these fries, so we'll just throw the ones we don't finish away. LOL. Yeah. Right. So as we're eating and talking, we keep pouring more fries out. I seriously felt as though I was going to pop I was so full. But Dad kept pulling more fries out of the greasy bag and putting them on the napkin. By this point, I'm getting disgusted with the fact that we have eaten almost all the fries that were generously dumped in the bag. I said to Dad, "We really should not eat all these fries. It's so bad for us." And this is what he says to me, in classic Dad response, "But I don't want to waste the vinegar." As he is literally putting the french fry pieces into the little serving cup of vinegar. I couldn't argue, so I helped him finish.

Well, back to the treadmill.

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