Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A matter of perspective

A friend of mine sent me one of those fwds that we all love getting. You know the one that has you fill in answers for the one who sent it to you?! So I obliged and filled it out, then proceeded to continue the madness and FWD it to the few people who might just feel compelled to respond. I did end up getting two responses, fairly quickly to my surprise. As I read the first person's response I felt like she was right on with most of her answers and was content with the fact that she knows me. Then the second response popped up in my mailbox. I opened it, read it and again was satisfied with her answers along with a few chuckles as some of this friend's responses were quite witty.

What I found interesting was that if the two sets of answers were to be compared, one might not realize they were about the same person. At first I thought to myself, "well that can't be good. Am I not the same person all the time? Do I change what I portray to people depending upon who I am around?" As I contemplated those thoughts for a few minutes I realized something. It's not that I'm a different person around the different people that I hang out with but they form their own opinions based on their life experiences and the situations in which they see me. It's all about perspective. If you asked someone who has been in and out of jail if I was a rule follower, they would most likely answer with a resounding yes. But if you asked the same question to a Christian with legalistic tendencies, they may be more apt to saying yes, that girl is a rule breaker! :) You get my point? Well, it doesn't matter if you do because I feel better about it and that's what started this whole post anyways. But it is something to ponder and remember... be who you are and let people make their own assumptions. Some will be wrong and some will be dead on, but misconceptions are a part of life... and possibly reality all at the same time!

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Carrie said...

Funny about the pespective of someone in jail and a legalistic person! I totally agree about the perspective.