Friday, August 1, 2008

Fantastic Fridays - 59 minute rule

If you are a government worker you don't need an explination as to why that is fantastic. But for those of you non-government types, I'll elaborate. This won't take long. When a commanding general puts a 59 mintue rule into effect it means that the employees can leave 59 minutes early! wooot wooot! Normally we get a 59 minute rule after our Town Hall meetings (once a quarter) but yesterday the meeting lasted way longer than normal so our General extended the 59 minute rule to today! And it is already my early Friday today, so I get to leave 2 hours, minus 1 minute early!! That's pretty friggin' fantastic!!!

When I get home I have to get a light swim and possibly bike for my taper work out before the race. Tapering from what, I'm not sure... I think you have be training at a pretty high level to be able to say you're actually tapering but I'm gonna run with it and just pretend. It makes me feel better.

So wish me luck! :)

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