Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Trip down yonder.... waaaay yonder!

Well, I'm back from South Carolina. I went down to my parents' place in Six Mile, SC and had way more fun than I deserve. I got to hang out with my family, sans the Little Scotts, visit with old friends, golf, play in the lake and chill by the pool for 5 days! Doesn't get much better than that, does it?! It's a different world down there in Six Mile. Megan and I were driving to the grocery store from church and saw 5 cars pass us... we looked at each other and said it must be rush hour. The lake is absolutely beautiful. You can see the Smokey Mountains from almost anywhere and you get the feeling that God is showing off just a bit when taking it all in... "you see all of this? enjoy it. marvel at it. take care of it. Can you see the joy it brings me when something I have made takes your breath away?" I think I would've stayed on the lake all day, everyday if it were possible. I kept asking Dad to take me out on the boat as if I were a child asking to go to the park. I ended up giving him some gas money because he obliged and took me out more than my fair share of times! :) Thanks Dad (and Mom). I'll post some more about the trip but for now I'm just going to list my Top 6 moments of the trip and put some pictures up!

6. Tubing with old friends.... watching Megan try to get in the tube for the first time might have been one of the funniest things about that event!
5. Golfing at the Cliffs
4. Sunset cruise with Mom and Dad
3. Pool competitions with the fam (baseball, races, helping Beckham fly highest, inner tube diving... it was a riot)
2. Watching the Olympics....Cheering the Men's 4x100 relay team to a Gold medal over the French.... most amazing race I've seen!!!
1. Being with my family - my favorite.... Food, Fun and Fellowship

Jules and I just hangin out

The Newlyweds :) cute
Captain and his mate!
The Smokey Mountains from the Lake

Meggles and I on the boat...again.
The kiddos
Golfing at the Cliffs with Mom and Barb

Dani and I on the tube... well trying to be!

Beautiful SC sunset...ahhh.


Carrie said...

OMG, that looks and sounds like such a great time. I absolutely love being on lakes like that! That is my goal when I'm older to have a lakehouse and invite friends and family over all the time. You guys are definitely blessed!

Katie said...

Yeah, it's way more fun than we deserve! It was awesome. We'll have to make a trip down there sometime!

BNY said...