Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Chocolate Lava Cake

I think I have discovered my favorite dessert that mom makes. Last night Mom and Dad had some business partners/old friends over for dinner and invited Amy and I too. It's always amusing to be there when mom and dad are getting ready for company. You would think the Queen of England was stopping through by the way mom stresses! Mom always seems to have some new trinket that she's bought in order to give the house just the right touch for their guests. As most of you know mom and dad are trying to down size b/c they are moving this summer so it gets at my dad's last nerve every time mom "finds a bargin." lol. I got to observe first hand the comedy of this little drama last night as I was helping. Mom asked dad "will you go get the mats I just got at the HomeGoods store..." Which dad responded, "Mats, what do we need mats for?? We're moving out remember, not moving in." "Honey they were on sale," Mom points out. "So I guess you saved us a bunch of money by buying something that we don't need because it was on sale," "Honey (for the second time in 30 seconds, she's really trying to convince him), they were both normally $40 and I got them for 7!!" "oh boy," dad says in the most apathetic voice he can. We all kind of chuckle as we know that it probably really was a great deal but did they really need the mats? One will never know. They found a place to put both of them and they look good. So, mom wins and they are keeping the mats. The funny thing is, is I think Dad saw the usefulness of the Mats and appreciates Mom's desire to make the house he comes home to a home. But he loves to give her a hard time, it's one of the ways he flirts with her. Kind of cute if you ask me.

So onto dinner and then my favorite dessert! Our guests, Dick Hewitt (I think that's his last name) and Jerry Ledzinski ('95) finally arrived and we sat, ate some appetizers and chatted. I've never met Dick before and only met Jerry ('95) at his brother's wedding a few years ago in Arkansas, which by the way I think we were the only people (my sisters and I) that didn't know either the bride or the groom. Talk about feeling like you're crashing a wedding! So as we were waiting for dinner to cook we got to know our guests a little better and had a few laughs.

Mom made lasagna and it was soooo good (did I mention I don't really dabble in the kitchen so a home cooked meal is Heaven to me). Then we sat and talked some more about different things, some funny, some business (these guys are part of a company that dad is an investor so they talked a little about that too) and of course some about sports (you really can't come to our house without talking about sports in some way or not). But ironically, it wasn't mom or dad who brought it up.

So then mom went back into the kitchen and brought out these Chocolate Lava Cakes and let me tell you, I couldn't believe how good they were. I almost passed on dessert b/c she said what they were and I thought they can't be anything like the ones in the restaurant. But I decided I would just try it and if I didn't like it I would leave it on my plate.... I think I practically licked my plate clean. These things were BETTER than the restaurant ones. So needless to say, I'm going to have to get that recipe (even if I do have to employ someone to make them for me). This dessert was amazing, so if you want the recipe let me know and I'll get it from mom. All in all it was a great night.

It's sad that soon, I won't be able to just drop by, say hello and sit down for a quick meal. It's fun having mom and dad close but I know they are going to love their new place in SC. Hopefully I'll be able to go visit them more than a couple times a year. But for now, I'll keep making sure their pantry doesn't get too full and enjoy witnessing them loving life and each other! The three F's are what their house revolves around: Food, Fellowship and Fun! I think I could do a whole blog on the three F's but I'll save that for another time. My lunch break (leftovers from last night) is almost over so I have to get back to work... :)


charadam said...

Dinner sounded fun and I sure wish we could have been there to partake of the lava cakes. Chocolate is my downfal and your mom's desserts never disappoint.

The dialouge over the mats was way too familiar. Are you sure you weren't at our house? :)

I wonder if you will still think that is cute when you are the purchaser one day and your hubby is "flirting" with you? :)

This is why I love the blog, I can almost smell the lasagna cooking and wish I could have been there too.

I have one more question? Were these two lads single? If so, I sense a set up.


Katie said...

lol! Well Dick is about 45, married and has 3 kids. so no set up going on there. And Jerry (95) is adam's age but I don't think he's looking to be set up. So I don't think so... I actually can honestly say they weren't invited to be "set up." but you just never know I guess.... doubtful though.

Watkins Family said...

Katie it's Dick Hewitt (this is mom from Julie's account) your vocabulary was very impressive today. I almost cried when you put that about not being able to come over anymore.

Watkins Family said...

now this is Julie. I have heard a lot about these lava cakes. In fact every time Dick Hewitt comes to town he asks mom to make them.

Katie said...

I'll be sure to fix Dick's name... Where did I get Purdey from?! lol.

Ryan said...

And the good news is that they are easy to make too. Here is the link to a recipe:

Click Here

charadam said...

thanks for the recipe Ryan, that looks pretty easy indeed.

Butchdog is having a birthday next week and he loves chocolate as much as I do, maybe I will try to make them. Then again, I should probably not try them on his bday incase it is a total flop, I would hate to ruin his birthday dessert. I WILL try to make them soon and report back.


Katie said...

Char, you totally need to make them for his bday! Practice one while the kids are at school and then go for it! THey are to die for!!! he'll love it!


JulieMonte said...

mom is here and we were going to make them tonight but she didn't have the recipe. we looked at the one Ryan links us to and she said that is not the same recipe. hers has flour. So maybe when she gets back to DC she can post it.