Thursday, May 10, 2007

Go Big Red!

I was going through some old pictures and came across my trip to Nebraska last October. For those of you who don't know, Mom and her side of the fam is from Nebraska. If you have ever met my mom I don't think that little tid bit could slip by you, especially if you've been to the house. There's Big Red paraphernalia everywhere. Even the bathroom. One of my guy friends came out of the bathroom one day and was like, do you guys know Barrett (I think that's his first name) Rudd? I was like, no why? He was like, "oh. I just wondered why there was a newspaper clipping of him on the back of the door." lol. But back to the trip.

This trip was extra fun b/c 3 out of the 4 Scott girls were out there (sorry amy). I love going to Nebraska for some reason. Maybe it's b/c it's fun to hang with the cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents or maybe it's the football games, I'm not sure. It's probably both. None the less, I have many fond memories of good ol' Lincoln. Slots anyone? (only my siblings/cousins would understand that) :)

Every year that we go to Nebraska we try to make sure we get to a Corn Husker game and man are they fun. People are fanatics there! I love it! Megan and I ended up sitting next to each other b/c the tickets we got were grouped by twos. The game went into one or two over times and the Corn Huskers pulled it out. Thank God b/c we had to ride home with mom and she's just no fun after a Corn Husker loss. During the game Meggo and I were literally squished b/w these two guys that in a perfect world should've bought two tickets per person b/c they were too big for their spot on the bench. After we figured out how to sit just right so we weren't rubbing sweaty elbows with them all game or every time they cheered we were finally ready to root on those Corn Huskers. As you can see in the pictures, we were big fans of the blackshirts (that's what they call their defensive team) which is the sign Megan is throwing up in one of the pictures. I must admit for a few minutes we might've been more into capturing the moment than we were into the actual game (this was of course before the OT's) and found ourselves creating the scene for our pictures. Here are the pics from the game. Enjoy. I can't help but laugh when I look at these b/c if you look at the people around us, they aren't cheering and that's b/c when the game was actually exciting neither one of us wanted to be snapping photos of the other. Come on, we're athletes, we live for games like that and we definitely don't want to miss the excitement just so we can have some candid shots of us cheering. So we "recreated" the scene. Just thinking about our efforts to get our "candid" shots make me laugh. I remember that more than I do the game. I honestly don't even remember who Nebraska played that night. So here's to good memories, crazy sisters, Blackshirts, and Nebraska... GO BIG RED! N-E..B-R..A-S..K-A!!


Watkins Family said...

I believe it was The kansas game. I got to sit with mom which is always interesting during a Nebraska game. Depending on how the game is going you never know if she is going to cry or break out in her husker dance. I think she was going to have a heart attack during that game. It was exciting. The whole trip was fun. It was fun to hang out with the rels as well as mom and the sibs. Go Big Red (And the mighty Noles!!)

richard scott said...

DEar Katie,
What a fun blog. It brought back great memories. The pics were great, how about some copies? There's nothing better than a crisp fall day, wearing Husker red, and a winning score on the big screen. Love you, Mo m