Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Grandma Jean

For all of you who don't know Grandma Jean, let me give you a little background. She can be a sweet old woman, but very stubborn at times (yes, probably where us Scott girls get our hard headedness). She loves to take care of her loved ones and one way she likes to do this is to make sure we're clothed for the season. It was always a joyous occasion when we would finally get to open that precious box from Grandma Jean on Christmas morning. I can remember one Christmas, not too long ago, that I unwrapped a present from Grandma Jean just wondering what T.O.B (thing of beauty) she had so graciously given me that year. As I peeled back the tissue paper, I sat in amazement... a Bright Pink, almost fluorescent looking, sweat shirt with a huge Tweety Bird on the front of it saying "Don't call me cute!" (thank you for the correction Megan) You can imagine my gratitude, being a 22 year old college girl at the time. All I could do was smile at the precious little gem Grandma Jean had given to me. And by smile I mean laugh uncontrollably.
So now that you know a little bit about Grandma Jean, you will be able to appreciate the spring outfit that she blessed my younger, 24 year old sister, Megan with! Vogue Meggo, Vogue! :)


Rich & Mel said...

I am a friend of Adam and Charlotte's from their time in MD. I linked to your BLOG from theirs. I loved the grandma gifts. I think we all had one of those. My grandmother used to give all of the grandboys (there were a BUNCH of us) a new sock hat and tube of BB's EVERY year. The grandgirls got a couple of pair of socks. What a FUN memory.


Katie said...

Well nice to meet you, cyberly at least. :) Yes, we would always make fun of the gifts but now they've proved to be great memories for us!


Watkins Family said...

we have all had our share but it was always fun to open gifts from GJ. It was fun to see who was going to get the worst. I remember taking one of my TOBs back. I got $1.52 for it when I returned it. I was so embarassed (that probably didn't pay for the gas to get to the mall)Ahh, memories

Katie said...

Ahh yes, I remember that. Wasn't that the Southwest motif vest she gave you? or am I thinking of yet another snazzy gift that I got?! :)

Watkins Family said...

I don't remember what it was all I remember was being so embarassed when the lady gave me $1.52 and Inger dying of laughter. GJ loves to find a bargin and at a $1.52 how could she pass it up?