Monday, May 21, 2007

More than a FREE MEAL!

A fun day. Yesterday (sunday) was such a good day. Not for one particular reason or another but it was just one of those days that when I get older and try and remember the good old days, I will think of this day fondly. It started off going to my church and they just happened to sing all of my favorite songs (well maybe not all but that's only b/c I have a million favorites). And the msg our pastor spoke on was diversity, another one of my favorite topics whether it's a spiritual conver (as mom would say- short for conversation) or just diversity in general. I think diversity is a way that a church can show God's love and power without even saying a word. When you see people of all different ethnicities and backgrounds worshipping together, it shows that Christ can bring different PEOPLE groups together through Himself that love and care for one another! Okay that was a tangent but it just was a great sermon and I love being a part of that church for many reasons, that being one of them. As if the worship/sermon didn't put me on cloud 9 already, as we walked out the doors there was cake celebrating some church members graduation for everyone!!!!!!!! Just another reason I love my church! lol.

Then I had a basketball game. Those of you who know me know that if I could I would play pickup all day everyday. I hurt my knee a little while ago and the doc said I shouldn't play anymore.. yesterday, my knee proved the doc right but b/c the team we were playing was not so stellar, I was still able to play and have a really good time! I love just being out there... I don't think I stopped smiling the whole time I was out there (other than when my knee would catch, not fun).

After that I went to pick up some stuff from mom and dad's which proved to be a little bit of a project. Luckily AJ was there to help dad with some of the lifting and such. :) And of course you can't go over to Mom and Dad's without them inviting you to stay for dinner... so we did. But Carrie and Sarah were also invited (two of my friends), and they can't invite one daughter and not the other. So they called amy up and told her to come too... which she then invited 3 of her friends! so it turned out to be quite the bbq!!! Us girls (minus Carrie, she helped Dad and AJ outstie with the grill... mainly they just sat around, talked and had a couple cold ones) helped mom inside preparing some side dishes and the meat to put on the grill. I'm trying to make myself more marketable by learning how to cook ;) lol.

When we finally sat down to eat outside (it was beautiful out), it was just relaxing and fun. Dad was in rare form and mom followed suit. My friends were saying how funny mom and dad are and I just kept thinking, "yeah, they really are. When did they become comedians?" By the end of the night we had all of mom's Nebraska paraphernalia on the table (I'm still not really sure why, but it was funny) and we had successfully discovered what everyone's favorite icecream, m&m color (why do people have favorite m&m's they all taste the same!), and random childhood stories. Oh and I can't forget to mention mom telling David to "holla!" randomly in the middle of dinner. I think I almost wet my pants.

When I finally got home, I was exhausted! I think I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I must've fallen asleep with a smile on my face b/c yesterday was a good day. There were ups and downs throughout the whole day but the tough parts are what make you enjoy the good parts so much more! I love my family and my friends. I wouldn't want to do life without them and I know that sometimes I take them for granted but days like yesterday make me realize my life is better b/c they are a part of it! I wish we could all live close together but I guess we just have to take advantage of the times we do have together and the many different ways God's given us to stay close! :) Food, Fun and Fellowship.... I guess I should add two more F's- Family and Friends (but maybe that goes with Fellowship. It sounds better with just 3F's!) Well, lunch break is ending... Guess I gotta get back to work. Thanks mom and dad, not just for the meal, but for the memories as well!

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Amy said...

It was really fun! I'm glad we can do those spontaneous gatherings....sometimes those are the best! And what's a night without having Lil Red sing a couple songs!?